Coalition of Immokalee Workers 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour

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Victory Celebration & Rally for Farmworker Justice

"Our World, Our Rights" Conference on Global Justice

Day 9: Press Conference @ Yum Brands

Day 8: Louisville, KY

Day 7: Louisville, KY

Day 6: Arrival in Louisville

Day 4: Ohio & Indiana

Day 3: Cincinnati & Memphis/St. Louis

Day 2: Atlanta/Nashville & Montgomery/Memphis

Day 1: Departure from Immokalee & Tallahassee



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Oberlin (East) & Chicago (West)

West tour photos © Jacques-Jean Tiziou /


On Day Five, as the 2005 Truth Tour pushed through the Midwest, a palpable sense of excitement was building as the workers and their allies moved ever closer to their final destination: Louisville, KY. For both the East & West legs, the day's activities focused on education about the conditions that farmworkers face and the role of corporations -- acting in response to informed consumers -- in transforming a harsh industry into a more humane enterprise.

For the East Leg, the day began with classroom presentations at John Carroll University and segued into a packed teach-in at Oberlin College.

The event gave students an opportunity to hear first-hand about the realities of the agricultural industry, including decades of sub-poverty wages and, in the most extreme cases, mondern-day slavery in the fields.

Workers and students alike listened to the presentation and discussed how people can support human rights by making purchases selectively, consequently urging the companies making money from exploitative conditions compelled to change their ways.

Meanwhile, on the West Leg, workers and other members of the media team made preparations to capture photos and footage of the day's activities...

...including this spontaneous snowball fight at a rest stop en route to Chicago. For some of the workers, it was their first time to see snow.

After several hours on the road, the West Leg arrived in the Windy City and went straight to the University of Chicago, the first campus in the country where students took concrete action for farmworker justice by "Booting the Bell." The reunion promised to be sweet...

...and the Truth Tour participants were certainly not disappointed. The U-Chicago students, members of United Students Against Sweatshops, treated the workers to a great lunch. The luxurious environs of the University were quite a drastic change from the usual conditions in Immokalee.

The tone of the afternoon was upbeat and celebratory as farmworkers and students reflected on the strength of their alliance and the near-limitless potential for working together to achieve real change in an otherwise bleak industry. The UC students explained how their campaign in support of the farmworkers had spurred a revival of campus activism when their dilligence paid off with a victory.

The West Leg of the tour then moved on to DePaul University, where workers adressed an auditorium full of students, explained the rhythm of daily life in Immokalee and, thus, the dire need for agricultural reform. As has been the case since Day One, the students warmly received the workers, affording them their fullest attention.

After a day on the campuses of Chicago, the tour had another important stop to make: a local workers' center where its members shared stories about the struggles day laborers face in Chicago. On this afternoon, the workers from Immokalee were reminded that they are not alone in their situation or their decision to fight.

After a day's hard work, the tour crew was welcomed by Bishop John Manz, auxillary bishop of Chicago, to a celebration at Holy Trinity Parish, the church where they would spend the night.

The concert's diverse lineup, ranging son jarocho to folk...

... to spoken word... punk, reflected the diverse range of support that the CIW has garnered.

The concert was an ideal space for meeting supportive community members.

While we were all tired after another long day, such rewarding company and invigorating music gave us a second wind for dancing.

And dance we did....

...and dance...

...and dance... maybe even to the point of getting carried away. The event was the perfect ending to a day that solidified relationships between the workers and their allies, building a "beloved community" that can and will create a better world for all.

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