Coalition of Immokalee Workers 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour
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Unlike Taco Bell, we don't have hundreds of millions of dollars to get our message out. Instead, we rely on an amazing grassroots network of supporters to spread the word one person at a time. There are 5 easy ways you can help us mobilize people for this year's Truth Tour (in addition, of course, to organizing a caravan from your community to join us in Louisville on March 12th!)...

1. Spread the word via email! Use this sample text to send to your contacts and email lists.

2. Distribute some Truth Tour postcards (pictured on Truth Tour homepage) to your friends, classmates, church members or anyone else... email for supplies.

3. Download this Truth Tour Public Service Announcement (in MP3 format). Try to get it in rotation at your local community or campus radio station.

4. Download and distribute these bulletin inserts at your church: Solidarity Action insert and Louisville sample insert.

5. Download and distribute any of these great flyers and posters! They're perfect to put up around your community or campus.


8.5 x 11 generic national flyer


8.5 x 11 generic Louisville flyer

8.5 x 11 generic Spanish flyer

8.5 x 11 Sheen: 4 versions

general ~ student

faith-based ~ labor/union

8.5 x 11 Yuck! flyer

11 x 17 Yuck! poster - top & bottom