Coalition of Immokalee Workers 2005 Taco Bell Truth Tour

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Victory Celebration & Rally for Farmworker Justice

"Our World, Our Rights" Conference on Global Justice

Day 9: Press Conference @ Yum Brands

Day 7: Louisville, KY

Day 6: Arrival in Louisville

Day 5: Ohio & Chicago

Day 4: Ohio & Indiana

Day 3: Cincinnati & Memphis/St. Louis

Day 2: Atlanta/Nashville & Montgomery/Memphis

Day 1: Departure from Immokalee & Tallahassee



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Louisville, KY

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While Day Seven was devoted to connecting with Louisville faith communities, Monday was spent in high school and college classrooms across the city.
The Coalition's visit to University of Louisville classes (above) provided a forum to discuss not only the realities of agricultural labor, but also the power students and young people have to change those realities.

As has been the case throughout the 2005 Truth Tour and past tours, the presentations were well received and prompted refleciton among the students. In many classes, this reflection gave way to dialogue about the ways workers and young consumers can partner to hold corporations accountable for the working conditions in their supply chain.

The education wasn't confined only to the classrooms. Above, an ally gives a flyer to a student at the University of Louisville to spread the word of this week's events in support of farmworker rights.

In between classes, students took a break from their busy lives (but apparently not from their cell phones) to join an impromptu soccer game with the Immokalee workers and their allies in the middle of the U of L quad.

Meanwhile, this worker passed on the soccer game, instead electing to belt out a few tunes.

After a day full of presentations, the Truth Tour caravan moved on to St. Cecilia Catholic Church for dinner with the congregation. It was a great opportunity to re-connect with old friends and meet some of our wondeful new supporters in Louisville.

Later that night, the workers and their allies were fortunate enough to have members from the local Louisville community dialogue on the struggle for farmworker justice and, more generally, justice for immigrants throughout the U.S.

The audience was moved by the testimony of Fernando Suarez del Solar, a member of Millitary Families Speak Out. Suarez, who lost his son to the Iraq war, spoke powerfully to the themes of immigration and violence affecting immigrant communities, drawing connections between the war and exploitation in the agricultural fields of the U.S.

And finally it was time to go home and rest up for the very important day ahead. Above, a Coalition member shares his thoughts on the busy day while the tour crew rides its bus back to temporary CIW headquarters in the west end of Louisville.




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