Farmworker Freedom March Registration

Please use this form to register for the march, whether you plan on joining us for the complete march or just a portion. Registration helps us to arrange for adequate transportation, meals, water, lodging and other important logistical needs. Thank you!

Please note: If you will be participating as part of a group, please select one point person to register everyone in the group together.

Note: If you encounter "n/a" in a field that does not apply to you, please do not erase the text as your information will not be processed if any of the boxes are left empty. You have not successfully registered until you have submitted your information and see the text "Thank you for registering!" Please contact us with any questions.

I. Contact Information
(asterisk indicates a required field)

Please fill out the following sections as they apply to you or your group.

II. March

If yes, please skip to section III.

A. Friday, April 16

I/we plan to join you for the following (please check all that apply):

Morning (9:00am - 1:00pm)
Afternoon (1:00pm - 6:00pm)

Welcoming of marchers/Picket (6:00pm - Publix in Temple Terrace, 5450 E. Busch Blvd.)

Yes, I/we will need a shuttle back to my/our vehicle(s)

B. Saturday, April 17

Morning (9:30am - 1:00pm)
Afternoon (1:00pm - 6:00pm)

Welcoming of marchers/Prayer vigil at Publix corporate headquarters (6:00pm)

Yes, I/we will need a shuttle back to my/our vehicle(s)

C. Sunday, April 18

3:30 Concert and Rally in Munn Park

Yes, I/we will need a shuttle back to my/our vehicle(s)

III. Meals, Lodging and Transportation


I am/we are interested in sharing meals with the CIW and other march participants for the following meals (please check all that apply):




Dietary Restrictions (please list)


Please note: the CIW is working with area congregations to arrange free floor space for statewide and national participants. Though modest, accomodations will be safe.

I/we need lodging on the nights of (please check all that apply):

I/we agree to follow the CIW's leadership and respect the rules of the host congregation.*



Please make plans to fly in and out of Tampa International Airport (TPA). If you will be joining us for the entire march, please plan to fly in on Thursday evening, April 15th and out on Monday morning, April 19th. (Activities will not end in Lakeland until 7:00pm on Sunday, April 18th.)

If group members will be flying on separate flights, please send itineraries to

I/we will fly into Tampa International Airport (TPA) on: