Coalition of Immokalee Workers

McDonald's Truth Tour 2006:
The Real Rights Tour!

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Plus... Don't miss these two great new videos:

  • "¿Quien Sigue?" (Who's Next) - A video report by the Austin Indymedia crew from the electrifying Day Seven March on McDonald's in Chicago

  • "Ronaldo the Clown" - A unique look at life and work in the fields of Immokalee produced by CIW members in response to McD's study on farmworker poverty...
Day 5 Updates!

West Leg: Milwaukee, WI
Plus: Special "Madison at Night" update - click here

Central Leg: More from Chicago
photo: JJ Tiziou

Daily Reports & Photos

Day 4: West Leg - Madison

Day 4: Central Leg - Chicago

Day 4: East Leg - Ann Arbor & Kalamazoo

Day 3: West Leg - St. Louis

Day 3: Central Leg - Indianapolis & Urbana-Champaign

Day 3: East Leg - Cincinnati & Detroit

Day 2: Nashville & Louisville

Day 1: Departure from Immokalee & Gainesville

Solidarity actions from around the country

Video & Audio

Video - Quien Sigue (March and rally) - Austin Indymedia

Video - Ronaldo the Clown

Video - Photo collage by JJ Tiziou

Audio - McD's Public Service Announcement

Audio - Students commemorate Chavez and Dr. King Legacies with Labor Activism

Audio - "Immokalee Workers," Latino USA, March 24, 2006

Audio - Radio Free Urbana interview, March 28, 2006

Indymedia - Multimedia tour coverage


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