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2007 Truth Tour :: Day 4


On its first full day in Chicago, the tour riders were greeted by what seemed like a blizzard to this Florida-based crew... howling winds and driving snow that fell sideways outside the windows of the Interfaith Worker Justice offices, where the riders were so kindly hosted. Turns out it was just some unseasonable flurries, or at least as Chicagoans were concerned. The inclement weather wasn't all bad, though, as it afforded the crew time for a group reflection on the significance of the McDonald's agreement and what it means for the future of Florida's farmworkers.

The crew spent the day in five different locations across the city, blanketing the town ahead of the two days of action with flyers and presentations.

Here, the CIW joined Emma Lozano, Vice President of Centro Sin Fronteras, for a panel at the University of Illinois at Chicago, entitled Conversations of Peace & Justice. The panelists discussed the dire need for a just immigration policy, and were joined by Elvira Arellano by telephone from the church where she has taken sanctuary in protest over deportation orders that would separate her from her son.

One lucky group got to spend the day preparing art for the coming actions.

And here's a brief visual preview of what's to come on Friday and Saturday, from vivid banners...

... to dozens of the now-famous tomato buckets...

... ably painted by one of the youngest members of the tour crew, who along with her parents and brother have contributed a beautiful spirit to the Truth Tour this year.

And speaking of families, this precious little girl (now on her second tour!) got to play in the snow for the first time in her life, thanks to Chicago's tenuous grasp on the idea of "Spring."

The day ended with a meal provided by our old friends at San Lucas United Church of Christ in the community of Hyde Park. The church received the first-ever Truth Tour in 2002 and has been a deep reservior of strength and support ever since.

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