Quick hit: WFLA-TV news report reflects local media view of march...

For the past week we have been telling our own story of the March for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food -- of the experience of the first 100 miles, of the reception from communities along the way, and of all the actions, from the point of view of the marchers themselves. But today, we wanted to share with you a bit of the view from outside of the march, from the point of view of the local media covering the marchers and their reasons for taking the fight for Fair Food to Publix.

So, take a moment to watch the video above and tomorrow we will return with more from the road, including a new video and photo report from Days Eight and Nine -- and if you haven't seen them yet, keep scrolling down for a great photo report and short video from Days Six and Seven!

Days Six and Seven Photo Report:
Venice to Sarasota

Marchers reach Sarasota, joined by hundreds of allies for a raucous picket, reinforcements from Immokalee for week two of the march!

On Day 7, the March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food poured into Sarasota for a 12-mile parade along the city's main commercial corridor. The march route passed by three Publix stores, including Sarasota's newest store (a 50,000 square foot giant with a construction price tag of $8 million dollars), where hundreds of Sarasotans swelled the marchers' ranks for an energetic afternoon picket that virtually surrounded the building (above, and see the full photo report from Day Seven here).

As moving as the outpouring of support for the protest was, veteran marchers on Day Seven were touched even more deeply by the arrival of reinforcements from Immokalee, and in particular more than a dozen CIW members with families who were unable to attend the first week of the march because their children were in school. But with Collier County's spring break starting Monday, those members and their children sped north to join the marchers for the second week of the trek, infusing Day Seven with a fresh new spirit that filled the hearts of the marchers and onlookers alike. Check out the video below for a 30-second window into the beautiful spirit that joined us on this day, and that will be with us along the rest of the way to Lakeland:

For more from Day Seven: