Virtual Tour of Immokalee:
Photos and Text by Shiho Fukada
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(All photos copyright Shiho Fukada, 2003. Not for use outside of this site)

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A day begins...
A-day-begins-2 A-day-begins-3
A-day-begins-4 A-day-begins-5 A-day-begins-6

Hierarchy in the fields...
hierarchy-2 hierarchy-3
hierarchy-4 in-the-field-1

In the fields...
in-the-field-3 in-the-field-4 in-the-field-5
in-the-field-6 in-the-field-7 in-the-field-8
in-the-field-9 in-the-field-10 joining-CIW-1

Coalition of Immokalee Workers...
joining-CIW-3 joining-CIW-4 joining-CIW-5
joining-CIW-6 living-conditions-1

Living Conditions...
living-conditions-3 living-conditions-4 living-conditions-5