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Ben & Jerry’s CEO: “It’s an agreement that puts the worker in charge of workers’ rights.”

Enrique Balcazar of Migrant Justice: “It is a great victory and an honor for us dairy workers to expand [the Worker-driven Social Responsibility] model to the dairy industry of Vermont.”CEO Jostein Solheim: “We really believe this is going to travel. This is going to travel across the nation.”Yesterday’s big announcement of the Milk with Dignity agreement between Migrant Justice and Ben & Jerry’s — an agreement three years in the making — caught the attention of major media outlets, from the New York Times to the AP to Vermont Public Radio.  It also made its way onto the radar screen of […]

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“It’s a new day in dairy”: Migrant Justice, Ben & Jerry’s sign agreement to launch Milk with Dignity Program in Vermont dairy industry!

New York Times: “Ben & Jerry’s signs a landmark agreement today to beef up the rights of often exploited dairy workers in VT”…Migrant Justice’s Enrique Balcazar on agreement: “This is what we are calling a new day in dairy!”In breaking news out of Vermont’s iconic dairy industry, ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s and the dairy workers’ organization Migrant Justice signed today — after more than two long years of negotiation — an historic agreement to implement Migrant Justice’s Milk with Dignity Program in Ben & Jerry’s dairy supply chain.We quote here directly from Migrant Justice’s website for more on this groundbreaking […]

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New York Times hails efforts by Vermont dairy workers, CIW, Worker-driven Social Responsibility model!

[hupso title=”.@NYTimes hails efforts by @MigrantJustice, @CIW and Worker-driven Social Responsibility model! #WSR” url=””]“Success” of “innovative movements” by workers from Vermont to Florida earns spread in U.S.’s most-read newspaper…Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, the movement for Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR) rocketed into the national spotlight thanks to a great new article on the front page of last Friday’s New York Times business section!  The feature-length piece from longtime labor columnist Steven Greenhouse, entitled “Farm Labor Groups Make Progress on Wages and Working Conditions,” highlighted the efforts of Vermont dairy workers to win, in the words of farmworker Arnulfo Ramirez, the right to be “treated with basic respect,” through their nascent Milk with Dignity Program […]

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Are you ready? VT workers’ Milk with Dignity National Day of Action around the corner…

[hupso title=”Are you ready?  VT workers’ #MilkWithDignity June 20th Day of Action around the corner…” url=””]Dairy workers, allies gearing up for June 20th Day of Action;Meanwhile, CIW and Worker-driven Social Responsibility take center stage at CGI America in Denver!Even as the season winds down in Immokalee, the ever-expanding Fair Food movement is gearing up for an action-filled summer!  Last week, we shared an exciting report from the Fair Food Program education team as CIW members headed north for the Program’s first-ever “Know Your Rights” trainings on tomato farms outside of Florida.  This week we have more news from the Fair Food front, as the model at the heart of […]

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