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The arc of the moral universe is still ours to bend…

As fundamental human rights take the national stage following Tuesday’s electoral results, the battle for farm labor rights continues…Rio Grande Valley, Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio take the call for farm labor justice to Wendy’s doorstep!Before we begin today’s update, a word on current events:“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”We have had occasion to quote those words, attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, many a time over the 25 years that we have been organizing here in Immokalee.  The quotation reminds us that, though at times it might seem that progress has grown unbearably slow […]

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Wendy’s Week of Action off with a bang! Actions kick off in Orlando, Austin…

“We plan to fight until Wendy’s agrees to respect the dignity of the farmworkers its business depends on…”And, they’re off!  Starting last Sunday, the Student / Farmworker Alliance — cheered on by the rest of the Alliance for Fair Food — kicked off the National “Schooling Wendy’s” Week of Action.  Although we’ll be sharing the full round up after the jam-packed week wraps up this Sunday, we couldn’t help but share a few highlights at halftime!  Down here in Florida, we started off the week with a high-spirited picket at a Wendy’s in Orlando, along with 30+ local allies from YAYA-NFWM and Orlando’s two Unitarian […]

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Tipping Point, Vol. 7: Texas school teachers confront Kroger!

 Letter delivery by local school teachers dismissed by Kroger managers…So far in this past week’s “Tipping Point” series, we’ve heard from consumers speaking out against the final fast food hold-out, Wendy’s, and the stubborn Florida grocer, Publix.  But what about the second largest food retailer in the country after Walmart, Ohio-based Kroger?  After Ahold USA became the first major U.S. grocer to join the Fair Food Program last month, inquiring minds began turning to Kroger, a company which, with over $100 billion in annual revenues, dwarfs Ahold and Publix and the rest of its supermarket competition.  Why would Kroger refuse to support U.S. agriculture’s leading human rights program […]

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Wendy’s Week of Action (August 3-11) has begun!

From the Rio Grande Valley of Texas to the Treasure Coast of Florida and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the Fair Food Nation is rising up to demand that restaurant giant Wendy’s sell not just fast food, but Fair Food!

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The Tour crew took Austin, Texas, by storm this week, as the first stop on the 2008 Chipocrisy Tour combined a powerful action at a local Chipotle restaurant (above) with two days of outreach to area student and community groups, topping it all off with…

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Photo Report of South Mini Tour

“Texas-Sized Mini-Tour” -Fall 2003 – MEMPHIS / BIRMINGHAM / GAINESVILLE

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