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Photo Report: CIW families, consumers teach Publix the true meaning of Labor Day!

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”Labor Day Weekend of Action in FL: CIW’s Women’s Group leads the way” url=”″] CIW’s Women’s Group leads the way in big Labor Day Weekend of Action across Florida… Four years ago, CIW members took their call for Publix to sign a Fair Food agreement to the streets for the very first time.  This past weekend, CIW members once again loaded protest art, water, and a formidable team, led by farmworker mothers and their families, into four vans and headed north.  As was the case on that very first Publix protest four years ago, the CIW members were fueled this past […]

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NESRI, CCR, & Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights write letter to Kent Spuhler

Dear Mr. Spuhler:

The undersigned individuals and organizations committed to promoting the economic and social rights of workers write to express our deep concern regarding the lawsuits filed by Florida Legal Services against corporations participating in the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) Fair Food Program.

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“A mere penny a pound can ensure a fair wage”

I’m a big fan of my local Publix supermarkets. When our boys were little, they always managed to steer the shopping cart to the bakery section, where a free cookie awaited them.

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FLORIDA TOUR Daily reports Nov. 18-25, 2009

On Day 3 & 4, the tour crew traveled north beyond the borders of our fine state for a weekend trip to the far reaches of Publix’s realm in Alabama and Georgia.

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  “The play’s the thing Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.” Those were the words spoken by Hamlet as he prepared to stage a play before the king of Denmark. His plan was to re-enact the crime of his father’s murder, touch the guilty party’s conscience (in his case, the king himself), and bring him to justice. We re-enacted a crime of our own this past Monday before the governor of our state — where something has been rotten for decades in the fields that produce the country’s winter fruits and vegetables — with the goal of catching […]

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Photo Report of South Mini Tour

“Texas-Sized Mini-Tour” -Fall 2003 – MEMPHIS / BIRMINGHAM / GAINESVILLE

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Taco Bell: Tallahassee Photos

The Taco Bell Truth Tour continued this past weekend, Feb. 25, 2001, as CIW members returned to Tallahassee to join with FSU and FAMU students, community members, and farmworkers from Quincy to protest outside a Taco Bell on Monroe St.

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