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New York Times Magazine, Civil Eats take on “Big Food” and the Food Movement…

“Then we found the unlocked door in the castle wall… It was the corporate brand.”As the Wendy’s Boycott picks up steam across the country, the CIW and the Campaign for Fair Food took center stage in two timely articles this past week — one from Michael Pollan in the New York Times Magazine and another from Elizabeth Grossman in Civil Eats — asking key strategic questions about how best to create meaningful, transformational change in the food system.First up, Michael Pollan set the scene in his big thought piece last week, “Big Food Strikes Back,” tracing the recent history of the uphill battle of the Obama administration in […]

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New York Times talks sexual harassment in the fields, letter cites Fair Food Program’s unique success in preventing abuse!

Sanjay Rawal, director of “Food Chains,” in letter to editor of NYT: “The problem is real. But so is the solution — and it deserves mention.”Earlier this month, the New York Times published a hard-hitting op/ed by two longtime California-based farmworker rights activists, Jose Padilla of California Rural Legal Assistance and David Bacon, an independent author and photojournalist.  The piece, entitled “Protect Female Farmworkers,” took an unblinking look at the problem of sexual harassment and assault of female farmworkers in the US agricultural industry, cataloged the obstacles to remedy for women who have suffered sexual violence and sought justice, and suggested a possible […]

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New York Times hails efforts by Vermont dairy workers, CIW, Worker-driven Social Responsibility model!

[hupso title=”.@NYTimes hails efforts by @MigrantJustice, @CIW and Worker-driven Social Responsibility model! #WSR” url=””]“Success” of “innovative movements” by workers from Vermont to Florida earns spread in U.S.’s most-read newspaper…Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, the movement for Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR) rocketed into the national spotlight thanks to a great new article on the front page of last Friday’s New York Times business section!  The feature-length piece from longtime labor columnist Steven Greenhouse, entitled “Farm Labor Groups Make Progress on Wages and Working Conditions,” highlighted the efforts of Vermont dairy workers to win, in the words of farmworker Arnulfo Ramirez, the right to be “treated with basic respect,” through their nascent Milk with Dignity Program […]

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The Californian: “Food Chains picks up where Harvest of Shame left off”…

[hupso title=”The reviews are in… @FoodChains changing the way we think about #Thanksgiving!” url=””] Documentary snags a 100% positive audience score on leading film rating site Rotten Tomatoes!  Even popular culture blog Jezebel gets in on the story: “As if we need another reason to hate Wendy’s”… Media coverage and word-of-mouth buzz around the new documentary “Food Chains” remained strong as the story of farmworker exploitation — and of the unprecedented partnership for social responsibility transforming the Florida tomato industry today — closed out its opening weekend in more than a dozen major cities.  Here’s just a few snippets from reviews around the country: New […]

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Lights, camera… Action! Protesters pour into the streets following “Food Chains” screenings in Miami, New York, Washington DC, and more cities…

[hupso title=”Lights, Camera… ACTION! Protesters pour into streets following @FoodChainsFilm…” url=” “] Meanwhile, reviewers continue to praise “Food Chains.”  Film Journal International writes, “this film should literally be seen by every American who unquestioningly lifts fork to mouth for their three squares a day.“ The new documentary “Food Chains” has hit the ground running, and has been tallying an opening weekend to remember in the process!  Michael Pollan, Barry Estabrook, Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, Amy Goodman, Ted Genoways, Greg Kaufmann, and Arthur Allen have all hosted standing-room-only panel discussions following showings in New York.  The film has garnered great reviews and feature stories […]

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As its national release nears, “Food Chains” messaging comes into focus…

[hupso title=”As Nov 21 release nears, @FoodChainsFilm messaging comes into focus… @FairFoodProgram” url=””] In a scene that didn’t make the final cut of the film, Walmart joins the Fair Food Program. Documentary a chance for broader audience to learn about the extraordinary success story taking shape in Florida’s fields… “Food Chains” is a film about many things.  Its lens takes a wide angle, 360-degree look at the state of farm labor in this country today, and in the process it focuses on everything from the plight of grape pickers in California’s Napa Valley to our country’s current immigration quagmire, the […]

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Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR): A new idea for a new century

[hupso title=”Tale of the tape: How the #FairFoodProgram measures up to #CSR” url=””] Worker-driven social responsibility puts workers first when addressing human rights in corporate supply chains…   If you are even a casual reader of this site you know this:  The Fair Food Program has effected unprecedented change in Florida’s fields since it was implemented across 90% of the state’s tomato industry in 2011.  It has eliminated or greatly reduced longstanding abuses from sexual harassment to modern-day slavery, added over $15 million in Fair Food Premiums to farm payrolls, and earned the praise of human rights experts from the White […]

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“If you can make it there”… New York embraces CIW, “Food Chains” at US premiere of new documentary!

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”NY embraces @CIW, @FoodChainsFilm at @TribecaFilmFest!” url=”″] Eva Longoria headlines at Tribeca premiere, joins with New York Times to carry CIW all the way to #7 on the global Twitter trending list…  Last Friday, the New York Times featured — on the front page and above the fold — an excellent story on the CIW’s Fair Food Program (“In Florida Tomato Fields, a Penny Buys Progress”).  The article introduced millions of readers to what Janice Fine, a labor relations professor at Rutgers University, called “the best workplace-monitoring program I’ve seen in the U.S.”  The article rocketed to #5 on the Times’ […]

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“This is the best workplace-monitoring program I’ve seen in the US”… Don’t miss today’s New York Times story on the Fair Food Program!

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”#FairFoodProgram best workplace monitoring program in US – @NYTimes” url=””] Front page New York Times story takes a close look at Fair Food Program, traces trajectory of Florida tomato industry “from being the worst to the best” workplace environment in US agriculture; Story hits on eve of US premiere of “Food Chains” at Tribeca Film Festival… Today’s New York Times features a story on the CIW and the Fair Food Program on the front page that really needs no lead-in or additional commentary.  So, we’ll do the smart thing and reprint the piece here below in its entirety and let […]

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