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Harvest Without Violence Campaign

ANNOUNCING: Farmworker women launch “Harvest without Violence” campaign to end sexual violence in Wendy’s supply chain!

This fall, CIW Women’s Group hits the road with major Wendy’s Boycott mobilizations in Columbus (Oct. 14-23), NYC (Nov. 10-20), launching new mobile museum on sexual violence in agriculture…CIW Women’s Group:  “If we don’t speak up, we give up, and we will never give up.  We are building a path of respect and dignity for ourselves, for our daughters, for all workers.”If you had a choice between purchasing a tomato from:a) a farm where you know farmworker women face a daily barrage of vulgar comments, rampant sexual violence, and unchecked retaliation for speaking out about abuse, orb) a farm where you know women are treated with respect, and abusers face […]

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