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Whole Foods: Fair Food tomatoes and strawberries a “Top Food Trend for 2018”!

Retailer’s annual forecast of “up-and-coming flavors, products, and culinary influences” singles out Fair Food tomatoes and strawberries as perfect way to “Try the Trend” of consumers’ growing demand for transparency in 2018…Every year about this time, Whole Foods releases its predictions of the “Top Food Trends” for the coming year.  It is the retailer’s most anticipated annual press release and is picked up widely in national media, with outlets from Time Magazine to USA Today running stories highlighting Whole Foods’ picks for what figure to be the hottest trends in the food market in the year ahead.  This year, Whole Foods is […]

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“Human Trafficking: 6 Solutions that Are Working”…

Following a 14-part global series on labor trafficking, Christian Science Monitor picks six “solutions that are working,” and the Fair Food Program tops the list!Last Thanksgiving week, Christian Science Monitor published an in-depth article on the exploitation of farmworkers in the US and the unprecedented progress that has taken place in Florida’s fields thanks to the Fair Food Program.  That article was part of a 14-part series taking a look at the many ways communities and governments are working to stem the growing tide of human trafficking across the globe, including efforts to increase supply chain transparency, labor trafficking lawsuits in […]

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CBS News Sunday Morning: “How the Fair Food Program is making a difference for struggling migrant farm workers…”

 Following powerful CBS story, viewers take to social media to call out Publix for “unconscionable” refusal to join FFP…Yesterday morning, as they do every week, millions of viewers across the U.S. tuned into CBS News Sunday Morning, but this time they were in for a rare treat on network television: an excellent, in-depth report on the CIW’s Fair Food Program.  Brought to us by correspondent Mark Strassmann and producer Mark Hudspeth, the piece traced the hard-fought transformation of Florida’s fields from the “Harvest of Shame” days in 1960 to what is being called the best working environment in American agriculture in the New York Times today. The CBS Sunday Morning […]

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