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Denver Fair Food

From Florida to Denver, Wendy’s hears from a fed up Fair Food Nation…

[hupso title=”From #FL to #Denver, @Wendys hears from a fed up #FairFoodNation…” url=””]  With the fall picking season just around the corner, farmworkers in Immokalee and Fair Food activists across the country crank up creative Wendy’s actions… Between farmworkers returning to Florida for the start of the new harvest season and allies in cooler climes taking to the streets for vibrant Fair Food protests, it is safe to say that fall is finally here!  And after three great Wendy’s actions last week, you can be fairly certain that the fast food giant is also sensing a change in the air.   The always inspiring Denver Fair Food, pictured above, […]

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“Tour de Fair Food” rocks Wendy’s in Denver!

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”Short title” url=”the URL”] Denver Fair Food does it again with another wildly creative protest, this time demanding that Wendy’s stop stalling and join the Fair Food Program… Last week the streets of Denver were filled with ponytailed, red-haired bikers on a circuit ride for justice, as members of the city’s incredible Denver Fair Food crew toured Wendy’s restaurants in downtown Denver and called for the hamburger giant to stop standing in the way of progress and do its part to end farmworker exploitation by joining the CIW’s Fair Food Program: Creativity has long been a hallmark of the Campaign […]

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Let the Wendy’s Founder’s Week of Action begin!

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”Let the @Wendys #FoundersWeekOfAction begin!” url=”″] The early returns are in, and it’s looking like the forces of Fair Food are headed toward a landslide victory in the Wendy’s Founder’s Week of Action!   The week of protests — calling on Wendy’s to truly honor founder Dave Thomas’ values and join the rest of the fast-food industry in supporting the Fair Food Program — got off to a very promising start this week with high energy actions in Denver, Philadelphia, and Orlando.  Here below is a quick report from the first actions, including photos, press, and video from the streets! […]

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Too good to not share: Letter to the editor conversation on Publix campaign turns real…

It began last week with a letter to the editor — in Publix’s hometown paper, the Lakeland Ledger — by a Mr. William Norrell of Winter Haven, Florida. His letter begins, as many do, expressing solidarity with farmworkers seeking fairer wages and working conditions. But then it takes a turn, also not unfamiliar, seeking to exonerate Publix from any responsibility for the poverty of farmworkers in its suppliers’ operations.

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The Tour may be over, but the action never stops!

And so it is fitting that when the Rev. Clay Thomas, associate pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Sarasota, Florida, and Jordan Buckley of Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida launched a call for a “fast of justice” this Lenten season in the pages of the Sojourners blog, they quoted Isaiah:

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