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BREAKING: National faith leaders announce major Wendy’s Boycott fast and action for January 18, 2018, on the 20th anniversary of farmworkers’ 30-day hunger strike!

Faith leaders: “Clergy of all faiths have the singular privilege in their societal location to raise the moral issue of the human rights abuses faced by farmworkers, to give of their time and resources to the building of a new economy. It is vital, in the spirit of unity and justice, that we respond to that call.”United Church of Christ General Minister and President Rev. John Dorhauer, author and public theologian Brian McLaren (right), and 30+ clergy commit to National Day of Fasting and Witness in January, with more on their way…On January 18, 2018, faith leaders from around the country […]

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Faith leaders reflect on the meaning of fasting for farmworker justice…

Author and pastor Brian McLaren: “My fast is a small act. But it strengthens my resolve to keep working and speaking out every day for the just, generous, and joyful world God desires for all of us – including my neighbors who are working hard in the fields even now. I hope you’ll join me.”Just last weekend, dozens of faith leaders across Florida ended their monthlong rolling fast for farmworker justice.  In addition to the beautiful sermons shared at last Sunday’s closing service — and the spirited Wendy’s picket that followed the service — faith leaders composed powerful reflections on their […]

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“Publix must turn from its pride and arrogance and turn towards its partners in business, the workers from Immokalee…”

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”1000 marchers in #Lakeland: @Publix must turn from its pride and arrogance…” url=”″] 24-hr vigil at Publix ends with march of 1,000 through downtown Lakeland!   The 10-day, 10-city Now Is the Time Tour ended Saturday with a massive march through the heart of Lakeland, Florida.  Responding to the marchers’ infectious high spirits and passionate call for human rights in Florida’s fields, the townspeople embraced the march with honks, waves, and thumbs-up, leaning out car windows and pouring out of homes and businesses along the three-mile route.  Lakeland’s response sent a clear signal that, even in Publix’s hometown, the […]

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Happy 83rd, Publix!

[hupso_hide][hupso title=”Video by author, theologian Brian McLaren kicks off Fair Food Nation’s wishes for Publix’s 83rd birthday” url=”″] Video by author, theologian Brian McLaren kicks off Fair Food Nation’s wishes for Publix’s 83rd birthday…  Think of the 80 year olds you know in your life.  Undoubtedly, in some way or another, their long life on this earth has changed them over the years.  Are they wiser?  More patient?  Kinder?  In his much-circulated commencement speech to graduates at Syracuse University earlier this year, the writer George Saunders tells the students that the things he most regrets in his life are what […]

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