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Ben & Jerry’s CEO: “It’s an agreement that puts the worker in charge of workers’ rights.”

Enrique Balcazar of Migrant Justice: “It is a great victory and an honor for us dairy workers to expand [the Worker-driven Social Responsibility] model to the dairy industry of Vermont.”CEO Jostein Solheim: “We really believe this is going to travel. This is going to travel across the nation.”Yesterday’s big announcement of the Milk with Dignity agreement between Migrant Justice and Ben & Jerry’s — an agreement three years in the making — caught the attention of major media outlets, from the New York Times to the AP to Vermont Public Radio.  It also made its way onto the radar screen of […]

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“It’s a new day in dairy”: Migrant Justice, Ben & Jerry’s sign agreement to launch Milk with Dignity Program in Vermont dairy industry!

New York Times: “Ben & Jerry’s signs a landmark agreement today to beef up the rights of often exploited dairy workers in VT”…Migrant Justice’s Enrique Balcazar on agreement: “This is what we are calling a new day in dairy!”In breaking news out of Vermont’s iconic dairy industry, ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s and the dairy workers’ organization Migrant Justice signed today — after more than two long years of negotiation — an historic agreement to implement Migrant Justice’s Milk with Dignity Program in Ben & Jerry’s dairy supply chain.We quote here directly from Migrant Justice’s website for more on this groundbreaking […]

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TODAY: Vermont dairy workers, consumer allies march on Ben & Jerry’s factory!

Marchers will deliver powerful letter from national human rights organizations including ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Columbia University Law School Human Rights Clinic, and Human Rights Watch, calling on Ben & Jerry’s to sign Milk with Dignity agreement without further delay!Show YOUR support for Vermont’s Migrant Justice by joining the photo petition on social media today!As dawn broke this morning, dairy workers from Vermont — accompanied by their families, local consumer allies, and human rights leaders from across the country, including the CIW’s Lucas Benitez — kicked off a 13-mile march from the Vermont State House in Burlington to the iconic […]

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BREAKING: Ben & Jerry’s commits to work with Vermont dairy workers toward agreement to adopt Milk with Dignity Program in company’s Northeast dairy supply chain!

[hupso title=”.@BenAndJerrys commits to work with #VT dairy workers towards #MilkWithDignity Agreement!” url=””]Ben & Jerry’s commits to serious talks with Migrant Justice, key elements of Milk with Dignity Program…Chances look good that, soon, you will be able to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that is not only delicious, but fair, too! Over the last month, as the much-anticipated Milk with Dignity Day of Action approached, consumers in city after city announced that they would stand in solidarity with Vermont dairy workers on June 20th and demand true worker-driven social responsibility in Ben & Jerry’s dairy supply chain.  And now it is clear that Ben & Jerry’s was listening.  Just […]

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ACTION ALERT: “We need Milk with Dignity!”

[hupso title=”ACTION ALERT: We need #MilkWithDignity! Support @MigrantJustice dairy workers today…” url=””] Vermont dairy workers declare June 20th as national Day of Action, launch petition in support of brand-new Milk with Dignity Campaign! Last week, we shared the exciting news — via an excellent article in the national hub for food movement news, Civil Eats — that Vermont dairy workers had created the Milk with Dignity Program and are calling on one of Vermont’s biggest milk buyers, Ben & Jerry’s, to support their worker-driven social responsibility plan.  Drawing on the CIW’s groundbreaking Fair Food Program, Milk with Dignity offers a […]

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