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From the “Things that Make You Go Hmmm” Department…

Wendy’s caught up in bizarre anti-semitic meme scandal… T’ruah (The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights) calls on burger giant to publicly “reject designation as official burger of Neo Nazis”… An exceedingly strange bit of news came across the Campaign for Fair Food’s radar screen last week when word of Wendy’s use of a well-known racist hate symbol (known as “Pepe the Frog” and associated with the newly-ascendant white supremacist movement known as the alt-right) hit the headlines.  The story ran in newspapers and television reports across the country, and caused a firestorm on social media.  Here, for example, is a […]

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This holiday season, give the gift of human rights!

Give a sustaining donation to the Fair Food movement in the name of a friend or family member this holiday season…Does someone you love, love human rights?In the few short months since the launch of the Fair Food Sustainer Program, it has been nothing short of inspiring to witness the flood of support from longtime allies and newcomers alike coming together to provide a steady stream of grassroots funding to sustain the Fair Food Nation.  Let’s keep the momentum rolling!  We need your help to build the ranks of Fair Food Sustainers:  This holiday season, give the gift of human rights to a friend or family […]

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CIW Education team wraps up second summer of Fair Food Program education beyond Florida…

Nearly 1,000 tomato harvesters trained as frontline monitors of their own rights under the Fair Food Program in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey… Following June’s worker-to-worker education trip to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, the CIW education team continued its trek north and wrapped up 2016’s northern education season this month with a tour of tomato farms in Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey, where they trained hundreds of new workers on their rights under the Fair Food Code of Conduct.Consolidating the expansion of the Program’s human rights protections into northern states — a process that began one year ago — is no small feat.  In the […]

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Bestselling authors Eric Schlosser, Tracie McMillan weigh in on Fair Food Program!

[hupso title=”Bestselling authors Eric Schlosser, Tracie McMillan weigh in on @FairFoodProgram!” url=””]Schlosser: “Everyone who eats fruits and vegetables should care about the farmworkers who harvest these foods.  Our good health depends upon their hard labor…”Today, we have two excellent stories from the Fair Food network we’d like to share with you.  The first comes from two of the most respected voices on the country’s food system today, the second from a young woman who will help her generation define the priorities of tomorrow’s food system.  Across the generations there is one thing they very much agree on:  It’s not enough for our food to be organic or local, it also must […]

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As its national release nears, “Food Chains” messaging comes into focus…

[hupso title=”As Nov 21 release nears, @FoodChainsFilm messaging comes into focus… @FairFoodProgram” url=””] In a scene that didn’t make the final cut of the film, Walmart joins the Fair Food Program. Documentary a chance for broader audience to learn about the extraordinary success story taking shape in Florida’s fields… “Food Chains” is a film about many things.  Its lens takes a wide angle, 360-degree look at the state of farm labor in this country today, and in the process it focuses on everything from the plight of grape pickers in California’s Napa Valley to our country’s current immigration quagmire, the […]

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