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North Carolina: “We will keep fighting until Publix comes on board!”

Scores of North Carolinians join CIW in tour of protests, delegations, to Publix across the Tarheel State… Hot on the heels of the recent Fair Food Program worker-to-worker education tour of the state, a group of CIW members and staff from the Alliance for Fair Food piled into a van last week and headed to North Carolina — this time for the Publix campaign.  Fueled by the recent announcement that key Publix supplier Red Diamond had been fined $1.4 million  for farm labor violations after a two-year investigation by the US Department of Labor, the Immokalee crew traveled north to press Publix for a response to the […]

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Unbound, national Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) online journal, amplifies call for Wendy’s Boycott…

“The church standing with us… is essential if we are to stop Wendy’s from profiting off of worker exploitation and to strengthen the human rights advances we have secured through the Fair Food Program…”It has been almost a month since the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) stood up to become the first major religious body to endorse the Wendy’s boycott — a precedent-setting move that to led to several other influential national bodies of faith to follow in its footsteps.  As anyone familiar with the Church’s long and vibrant history of working for social justice would know, PC (USA)’s endorsement was simply a beginning, not […]

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“We aren’t asking you to create the solution.  The solution already exists…”

Kroger executives, shareholders faced with massive labor violations in supply chain…As Kroger shareholders poured into their annual meeting in Cincinnati last Thursday, they were greeted by some rather disturbing news from the company’s supply chain: A Kroger tomato supplier in Florida by the name of Tomato Thyme — operating, in theory, under the ever-watchful eye of Kroger’s internal supply chain monitoring process — was fined $1.4 million just last month by the U.S. Department of Labor for having “willfully disobeyed federal labor laws and exploited vulnerable, low-wage workers.” Worse yet, in its press release announcing the fine, the Department of Labor specifically named Kroger as […]

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Got Milk with Dignity? Vermont’s Migrant Justice putting finishing touches on breakthrough dairy program…

From Florida tomatoes to Vermont dairy, Worker-driven Social Responsibility in the spotlight at food systems summit…Last week, members of the CIW, Migrant Justice, and the Fair Food Standards Council came together for a special presentation at the 5th Annual Vermont Food Systems Summit in Burlington.  The panel, titled “Worker-driven Social Responsibility for Fair Food,” brought together two unique perspectives.  While the CIW and FFSC unpacked important lessons from their five years of experience implementing the Fair Food Program in tomato fields from Florida to New Jersey, Migrant Justice brought a decidedly more local focus to the gathering of New England food […]

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“This Program should be everywhere…”

CIW Worker-to-Worker Education Team takes human rights on the road…One week ago, as workers plucked the last buckets of tomatoes from vines here in Florida and the sun set on the state’s 2015-2016 season, CIW education team members packed a van with their bags, boxes of education booklets and provisions for a week on the road, and headed north to Georgia and South and North Carolina.  The summer of 2016 marks the second season of the Fair Food Program’s expansion out of Florida and up the east coast to six new states, from Georgia, through South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and all the way to New Jersey.  And today, as the […]

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MEDIA ROUND-UP: Commentators across the World Wide Web take Publix, Wendy’s to task!

National news outlets, social media reflect growing wave of consumer action in Fair Food movement… Between the slew of endorsements and actions in the Wendy’s boycott, and the all-too-predictable headlines revealing systemic labor abuses in the fields of key Publix supplier Tomato Thyme, the Campaign for Fair Food has received its fair share of attention across the world wide web in the past several weeks, from news articles and editorials to social media.  And as any frequent reader of this site knows, that means that it’s about time for an Fair Food movement media round-up!Enjoy!Business leader in Miami Herald letter to the editor:  “I’ve been a loyal Publix […]

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Rabbi Barbara Penzner: “What is Nelson Peltz teaching his sons at their bar mitzvah celebration?…”

Jewish blog turns up heat on Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz for lavish bar mitzvah, even as Peltz blocks better wages, working conditions for farmworkers at last week’s shareholder meeting…Nelson Peltz is a very wealthy man, one of the wealthiest people in the world, in fact.  As Chairman of Wendy’s Board of Directors and one of the company’s largest shareholders, Mr. Peltz is also one of Wendy’s top decision makers.  And Wendy’s is the only one of the country’s top five fast-food companies to decide — in 2016, after five years of unprecedented progress for farmworkers in Florida under the Fair Food Program — […]

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National boycott takes center stage at Wendy’s annual shareholder meeting!

Consumers to Wendy’s leadership, shareholders: “It is time for Wendy’s to commit to justice and human rights — to choose meaningful and verifiable rights protections for the workers who pick your tomatoes, rather than continue to uphold a meaningless code of conduct that allows slavery to flourish…”Last Thursday, the Fair Food Nation descended on Dublin, Ohio, the small midwestern town with a dubious claim to fame: Dublin is home to Wendy’s corporate headquarters, the nerve center of one of the world’s largest hamburger chains and the last fast-food holdout from the Fair Food Program.  Last week, Wendy’s held its annual shareholder […]

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Rev. April Blaine speaking at a rally in front of Wendy

“As people of faith… we pledge to join the boycott of Wendy’s until Wendy’s commits to justice for the workers that make your profits possible.”

Major religious leaders from more than 12 faith traditions call out Wendy’s leadership in searing letter…Adding to the growing drumbeat of support from the faith community, over twenty powerful religious leaders have penned an open letter to Wendy’s leadership, just ahead of tomorrow’s shareholder meeting in Ohio.  Unequivocal in their support for the Fair Food Program and the new era of human rights for farmworkers it has delivered, denominational presidents, bishops, ministers, rabbis and authors are standing together to urge Wendy’s leadership to get with the Program. From their positions within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Church of Christ, the Catholic Church, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, […]

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OSU students outside Wendy

CALL TO ACTION: National Wendy’s Call-in Day this Wednesday, 5/25, as farmworkers, allies prepare to protest at Wendy’s annual shareholder meeting!

THIS WEEK: Call (614)-764-3327 and give Wendy’s a piece of your mind on Wednesday ahead of major action outside of Thursday shareholder meeting!Three years ago in New York, a Wendy’s shareholder, Mr. Bradford L. Grazier — who had received his first shares of the major hamburger chain over fifty years before — stood up in the annual shareholder meeting to address then-CEO Emil Brolick, saying:“Honestly, the potential bad publicity between the folks here and outside on the street does not do our company much good. I’m wondering what the downside is of signing the darn agreement and doing something that I think would make a […]

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