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A Year to Dine with Dignity: May 2009 – August 2010

Stalemate broken — two Florida growers move to implement CIW agreement with Whole Foods!

Alderman Farms and Lady Moon Farms, two of Florida’s largest organic growers, officially onboard to pass penny-per-pound on to workers, meet strict labor standards… Senators Durbin, Sanders issue statements on the new agreements… In a press statement released today, Whole Foods has confirmed that two of Florida’s largest organic growers have agreed to implement the principles of the Campaign for Fair Food, effectively breaking the stalemate established nearly two seasons ago when the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange threatened to fine any of its members that sold tomatoes under the terms of the CIW agreements. At that time, two Florida growers […]

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Shining a rotten apple:

Two farms that used workers held against their will in the Navarrete slavery case were certified as “socially accountable” by the grower-controlled monitoring agency called “SAFE” (Socially Accountable Farm Employers) When news of Florida’s latest slavery prosecution hit the headlines last December, one crucial bit of information went largely overlooked. The paragraph below, tucked into the end of the Ft. Myers News Press story from December 20th entitled “Family sentenced for slavery,” touched on an aspect of the story that ultimately got lost in the swirl of sordid facts around the Navarretes case: “The Navarretes took their crews to work […]

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I teach my patients, clients and national audiences to question where their food comes from, who produced it, and under what conditions

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