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The birth of Worker-driven Social Responsibility: January – December 2016

Wendy’s vs. Wendy’s…

… Or how Wendy’s own code of conduct demonstrates that the hamburger giant really doesn’t care about human rights in its supply chain.Last week, in a post entitled “A Battle for the Soul of Social Responsibility,” we took a long look at Wendy’s new supplier code of conduct and its provisions on labor rights, and we reached this conclusion: “When it comes to human rights, it seems that voluntary compliance is just fine with Wendy’s.”  When you compare Wendy’s vague “expectations” for ethical behavior from its suppliers and equivocal approach to consequences for suppliers who fail to meet those expectations, Wendy’s new […]

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Two-page Fair Food Program ad shines in “Savory”, Ahold’s glossy food quarterly!

Beautiful two-page spread on Fair Food Program reaches 13 million consumers through Ahold’s food magazine, “Savory: Fast, Fresh, and Easy” …As Fair Food activists across the Northeast can testify, Ahold USA launched a market-wide Fair Food label promotional campaign in late 2015, planting a beautiful Fair Food Program poster (like that shown here on the right, in a photo from Teaneck, New Jersey) in hundreds of Giant and Stop & Shop locations from DC to Boston.  And now, as we start the new year, Ahold USA has upped its efforts to spread the word about its partnership with the CIW to ensure human rights in America’s […]

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A Battle for the Soul of Social Responsibility…

Wendy’s new code of conduct is a prime example of the discredited standards-without-enforcement model of corporate social responsibility;Workers’ Voice Tour to contrast Wendy’s code with the proven success of the Fair Food Program and the Worker-driven Social Responsibility model…What would you do if you could cheat on your taxes and know that you would get away with it? Not just think you might get away with it if you’re lucky, but really know that no one is watching and there would be no consequences.  Would you do it?The answer is pretty obvious.  Nobody likes paying taxes.  And even many of those who think taxes […]

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Not in our house! Students call on USF Board of Trustees to reject campus Publix!

CALL TO ACTION: University of South Florida students, community members tell university administration:  “Publix can’t set up shop on our campus until they respect farmworkers’ human rights!”And they want you to help!  Here’s how…Even as students from Florida to New York gear up to join farmworkers for Wendy’s protests as part of the upcoming 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour, students here in Tampa keep cranking up the volume in the Publix campaign!  Just yesterday, the Student / Farmworker Alliance joined with students at the University of South Florida to launch a brand-new call to action demanding that Publix — who is looking to build a […]

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SPRING ACTION ANNOUNCED: Workers’ Voice Tour to turn spotlight on Wendy’s, March 2 – 12!

Workers, consumers to take Fair Food message directly to Wendy’s corporate leadership in New York, Ohio, and Palm Beach;Tour to demand real, Worker-driven Social Responsibility from fast-food holdout, not more unenforced promises of human rights…This coming March 2-12, farmworkers and thousands of consumer allies will be mobilizing to bring Wendy’s — the lone holdout among the big five fast-food companies of Yum Brands, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Wendy’s — into the Fair Food Program! Drawing on the long history of CIW Truth Tours that paved the way for the award-winning Fair Food Program, farmworkers and consumers will join forces for a tour […]

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