The “Renegade Tomatoes” testify outside a Trader Joe’s in New York City.

Fair Food activists brave the cold at a Stop & Shop in Providence.

Lady Gaga and her crew gather at a Berkeley Trader Joe’s.

While activists hit the street outside a DC-area Giant supermarket…

… with a few of their friends.

In Pensacola, Publix is the focus of of these
Fair Food protesters…

… while these kind-hearted souls drop thousands of pennies off to a Naples Publix store to prime the pump for the day when Publix eventually agrees to pay the penny-per-pound.

And we close with this intrepid crew of religious activists from the Massachusetts Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice, pictured here outside Stop & Shop corporate headquarters in Quincy, MA. They carried over 700 postcards to deliver by hand to Stop & Shop executives, but no one from Stop & Shop would take the time to receive them, and the company had the delegation forcibly removed. You can read about their story here.