Blogosphere echoes CIW demand for action on slavery!

From the Huffington Post to Amnesty International USA and the Nation, blogs have picked up the CIW petition demanding that Florida Governor Charlie Crist take a stand on slavery. Here’s an excerpt from the Huffington Post piece:
“Governor Crist, even a single case of slavery in the twenty-first century is too many… The Governor should, rather than deny that slavery exists in Florida, join the many other public officials who have devoted their energy and talents to ending it, by meeting with those officials and the Coalition, and by pledging the power of his office to address the plague of modern-day slavery in Florida’s fields.” read more
Click on the following links to check out the Amnesty USA post, entitled “Historic presidential race, but slavery persists in US,” the Nation piece, entitled “CIW to Crist: End Slavery,” and a post from the Gone City blogger, who the penned his own letter to Crist, “An open letter to Florida Governor Charlie Crist“. Then take action yourself if you haven’t done so yet and tell Gov. Crist to take a stand against slavery!