STUDENTS GATHER IN IMMOKALEE FOR HISTORIC “ENCUENTRO!” PLUS, DON’T MISS THE LATEST MEDIA COVERAGE AND BREAKING NEWS FROM THE CAMPAIGN FOR FAIR FOOD IN THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY!… The verdict is in. This week, MotherJones Magazine’s annual roundup of college campus activism named Student/Farmworker Alliance’s “Boot the Bell” campaign as its Campus Activism Victory of the Year. This honor comes in recognition of the efforts of thousands of students across the country who brought the boycott and strugggle for farmworker justice to their campuses. Here’s an excerpt from the October issue:
“After a four-year, nationwide boycott in which the University of Chicago, Notre Dame, and 19 other schools forced Taco Bell off their campuses, the “Boot the Bell” campaign declared victory in March as the fast-food chain finally agreed to boost the sub-poverty wages of the Florida laborers who pick its tomatoes. The 3,000 members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers will now receive an extra cent for every pound of tomatoes picked — pocket change for the chain but a big boost for the pickers.” Read the full story by clicking here.
And speaking of student organizing, over sixty-five students and young organizers came together in Immokalee for a historic, week-long encuentro organized by Student/Farmworker Alliance. The gathering, which took place the first week in August, featured a variety of workshops and discussions ranging from the history of the CIW to corporate campaigning. The encuentro concluded with an intensive two-day strategy session where participants brainstormed how to best support the CIW’s ongoing campaign to elimiinate human rights abuses in the produce supply chain of the fast-food industry. For photos and a full report on the encuentro, visit Student/Farmworker Alliance’s website by clicking here. Meanwhile, media coverage of the Taco Bell boycott victory continues to roll in. Don’t miss the recent CIW interview on Truthout titled “The New Face of the Global Justice Movement.” To read the complete interview, click here. And also, be sure to read this article from the American Prospect on the victory and theCIW’s low-power radio station. Click here to read the article “Radio Free America.” Finally, the United Church of Christ — the first major denomination to endorse the Taco Bell boycott — voted at their 2005 General Synod to support the CIW and its efforts to create a new model of corporate social responsibility throughout the fast food industry. UCC members throughout the country actively participated in the Taco Bell boycott and now they are ready to take action to encourage McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway to follow Taco Bell’s lead. The CIW thanks the UCC for its continued support! See how you can take part in those next steps to make fast food fair food, by clicking here.