thailand2Thailand…land of resplendent temples, spicy noodles and the Golden Buddha, opened its doors to a visit from the CIW. For nine days, the CIW shared its innovative and internationally recognized approach to fighting the root causes of human trafficking and modern-day slavery with labor experts, government officials, and attorneys from Thailand and around the world.

The week began with meetings at the International Labour Organization (the office of the United Nations that concerns itself with labor and workers’ rights) The ILO officials learned about the CIW’s three-tiered approach to combatingthailand1 human trafficking and modern-day slavery in the US agricultural industry. Human trafficking is one of the most egregious violations of human rights occuring in the world today.

Following the ILO meetings, the CIW participated in a Global Anti-Slavery Conference sponsored by the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women with attendants from countries including Thailand, Cambodia, India, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. The conference focused on different ways to combat labor trafficking and presented an excellent opportunity to discuss the CIW’s growing Campaign for Fair Food.

The CIW’s first visit to Asia follows on the heels of the successful action at the McDonald’s shareholder’s meeting in Oak Brook, IL last month. Check out this new link to remarks made by representatives from the CIW and the Alliance for Fair Food to McD’s shareholders and Board of Directors by clicking here.

Be sure to check back here in the coming days for new ways you can be part of the movement to bring justice to the workers in McDonald’s suppliers fields. An exciting summer action is in the works…