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Support the 2007 Mobilization in Miami!

There are many ways you can ensure that the 2007 March on Burger King is a resounding success:

Florida Allies: If you are interested in joining a caravan, carpooling, or helping to fund a van/bus rental, please contact the person listed beside your region.  If your town/city isn’t listed and you plan to travel to the Burger King action, please contact Jordan Buckley at Jordan(at)interfaithact.org or 239-986-9101. 

Naples/Ft. Myers/Venice – Jordan (jordan(at)interfaithact.org; 239-986-9101)
Sarasota – Meghan (meghan(at)sfalliance.org; 239-657-8311)
Tampa/St. Petersburg – Meghan (meghan(at)sfalliance.org; 239-657-8311)
Gainesville – Lupe (lupe(at)sfalliance.org; 239-657-8311)
Tallahassee – Lupe (lupe(at)sfalliance.org; 239-657-8311)
Orlando – Lupe (lupe(at)sfalliance.org; 239-657-8311)
Deland – Lariza (lgarzon(at)stetson.edu)  
West Palm Beach/Vero Beach – Brigitte (brigitte(at)interfaithact.org; 239-986-0688)

National Allies: At the bottom of this page you'll find a table listing several cities across the country where Fair Food allies are organizing to travel to Miami as a group. For each city there is a corresponding contact who can give you information on how to hook up with the caravan from your area. If you don't see your community listed below and are interested in sending a representative from your group/organization, please contact Greg at greg(at)ciw-online.org, or 239-657-8311. 

  • Help spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, congregations, and other organizations to which you belong.

  • Volunteer to help with meals, art production, and event planning for the March, Conference and Concert in Miami. Please contact workers(at)ciw-online.org for more info.

  • Make a financial contribution. There are many expenses in an undertaking of this size (travel, food, lodging, supplies, etc.). We appreciate any amount you are able to contribute. Please click here to make a donation to the CIW.

Get on the bus to Miami!

Northern California CA melody(at)sfalliance.org
Southern California CA melody(at)sfalliance.org
New Haven CT melody(at)sfalliance.org
Chicago IL lupe(at)sfalliance.org
Urbana-Champaign IL meghan(at)sfalliance.org
South Bend IN lupe(at)sfalliance.org
Lawrence KS marc(at)sfalliance.org
  KY meghan(at)sfalliance.org
  LA meghan(at)sfalliance.org
  MA marc(at)sfalliance.org
  MI marc(at)sfalliance.org
Twin Cities + St. Cloud MN meghan(at)sfalliance.org
  MS meghan(at)sfalliance.org
Asheville NC sarah(at)interfaithact.org
Charlotte NC sarah(at)interfaithact.org
  NC marc(at)sfalliance.org
New York City + Long Island NY meghan(at)sfalliance.org
Upstate NY meghan(at)sfalliance.org
  PA lupe(at)sfalliance.org
  TN julia(at)ciw-online.org
  TX jordan(at)interfaithact.org
Greater Metropolitan Area Washington, D.C. meghan(at)sfalliance.org
Madison+ Milwaukee WI meghan(at)sfalliance.org