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Friday, November 30
9:00 am – 3:30 pm, followed by major rally at Burger King

This march, like all CIW-led actions, will be permitted and family friendly.  There will be a trained internal security team working to maintain a safe march environment.  Water will be available to all who join the march, and snacks/lunch will be provided for registered marchers.  A lead flatbed truck will set the pace for the march, which will range between a 20 and 25-minute mile.  A medic van will trail the march at all times and be available for minor medical attention or participants who need to rest temporarily.  CIW members and march organizers will make every effort possible to accommodate differently-abled allies. Please contact workers@ciw-online.org with any special needs.

There are three times and locations where allies are encouraged to join the march:

  1. Full route (9 miles): 9:00 am at Goldman Sachs (directly across from Intercontinental Hotel)

  2. 1/2 route (4 miles): 12:30 pm at Gerry Curtis Park (1901 NW 21st Ave.)

  3. Home stretch: 3:00 pm at corner of NW 7th St. and 57th Ave.

See detailed location info. below.

Click here for map of march route.

If you or your group plans to join the CIW for the full route (9:00 am – 3:30 pm) or 1/2 the route (1:00 – 3:30), please fill out a march registration form here as soon as possible (deadline: Wednesday, November 28th). This allows us to track numbers and make logistical plans accordingly.  For further info., please contact workers(at)ciw-online.org or 239-986-0688.

For large groups marching the whole day, we encourage van and bus drivers to drop participants at the march start site and then drive to St. Dominic’s Catholic Church in order to park. (Church is located around the corner from Burger King headquarters.)  A shuttle running from 8:30 – 10:30 am will give individual drivers a ride back to the march.

Parking site near Burger King:           
St. Dominic’s Catholic Church
5909 NW 7th St
Miami, FL 33126
Click here for map.

Directions to St. Dominic’s Catholic Church from downtown (click here)
(Due to rush hour traffic, this map takes you on side streets rather than on highways.)

For individuals and groups wishing to park downtown near the march start site, there are many parking garages along SE 2nd St. (the same street as Goldman Sachs) and adjacent streets, all ranging between $14 and $18 a day.  DO NOT park in the Pay and Park lots along Biscayne Blvd., as the maximum time allowed is usually 3 hours.  Immediately following the rally, a shuttle bus will drive participants from Burger King back to the march start site, so please park within walking distance of 200 S. Biscayne (Goldman Sachs).

For groups marching 1/2 day, we encourage you to park at Gerry Curtis Park by 12:30 pm.  Following the rally at Burger King HQ, there will be a shuttle back to the park.

Gerry Curtis Park
1901 NW 24th Ave.
Miami, FL 33125
Click here for map.

For supporters wishing to join the home stretch of the march, we encourage you to park at St. Dominic’s Catholic Church (address above), walk to NW 57th St. and join the march as it turns the corner to Burger King’s headquarters.


* 9:00 am: Marchers gather at start site
Start site: Goldman Sachs
200 S. Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33131
Click here for map.

* 9:30: March kick-off rally

* 11:00: Water break

* 12:00 – 1:00: Lunch & gathering point for marchers joining for 1/2 the march
Gathering point: Gerry Curtis Park
1901 NW 24th Ave.
Miami, FL 33125
Click here for map.

* 2:45: Break (one mile to go)
Antonio Maceo Park
5115 NW 7th St.
Miami, FL 33126
Click here for map.

Corner of NW 7th St. & 57th Ave. (click here for map)

BK Headquarters are located at:

5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126
Click here for map.                    
Click here
for detailed rally info.

What to Bring
* Comfortable walking shoes
* Water bottle
* Hat/cap/sunglasses
* Comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing
* Sunscreen
* Signs, banners or artwork that is visible to passing cars and pedestrians
* Drums, musical instruments and/or noisemakers
* Camera

For more info., please contact workers@ciw-online.org or 239-986-0688.