Supermarket Guru: “Fair Food Agreements Might Just Be the Next Big Thing”!

Retail food expert, followed by over tens of thousands of consumers nationwide, shines spotlight on FFP’s success, “The results speak for themselves”…

“Supermarket Guru” Phil Lempert is one of the retail food industry’s leading experts.  Reporting on all kinds of food news, from the newest trends in healthy diets to the latest consumer research, Mr. Lempert has served as NBC’s Today Show Food Trends Editor for 17 years, and has been featured on The View, Oprah, the New York Times, USA Today.  His work has earned him over 2 million followers on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his daily videos.

Drawing on decades of experience in the food industry, Mr. Lempert analyzed the unprecedented success, and even more importantly, the tremendous potential of the Fair Food Program.  Indeed, his must-see short video (above) points to a very bright future for the Program, as its label spreads to more and more supermarket shelves, and its unparalleled human rights protections spread to more and more fields across the country.  Make sure to check out the video today, and share it widely!

Univision: “In Mexico’s fields, farmworkers live as if they were slaves every day”…

Human rights report: “In addition there is organized crime.  In the last decade, more than 200 farmworkers have disappeared in this country without a trace.”What does Wendy’s have to say about its produce partner of choice?  Not a thing…When the CIW announced its call for a national boycott of fast-food giant Wendy’s on March 5th, 2016, in New York City, Lupe Gonzalo declared:“Wendy’s hasn’t only refused to sign an agreement with farmworkers here, they are trying to escape responsibility by buying tomatoes in Mexico where there is still exploitation, taking advantage of the poverty of those workers where there is still forced labor, sexual abuse, […]

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NEW VIDEO: On International Human Rights Day, support the Fair Food movement!

Today, celebrate Human Rights Day by sustaining Fair Food and human rights for farmworkers…On this day in 1948, before a war-weary world, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed a vision of equality, dignity, and rights held by all: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  This historic document forms a crucial part of the foundation of the CIW’s movement for Fair Food and farmworker justice.  Indeed, in some of their earliest meetings, farmworkers in Immokalee read aloud and reflected on the rights contained in the UN’s declaration, and conceived of a brighter future for all who work in the fields.Thanks to […]

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Looking for fresh gift ideas this holiday season? Give the gift of human rights!

Click on any of the images above to make your holiday gift purchase today!The 2017 Fair Food Holiday Gift Guide is here!  Find all the very latest in books and posters on the Fair Food Program, beautiful Campaign for Fair Food t-shirts, and original holiday e-cards…Not sure what to get your family and friends this holiday season?  Tired of the same old holiday gift ideas?  Well, look no further! This year, you can do it all: Help spread the word about the award-winning Fair Food Program by getting beautiful, informative merchandise out into the world, and bring a smile to the face of your best […]

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MEDIA ROUND-UP: From NYC to Palm Beach, Wendy’s Board Chair Nelson Peltz’s hometown papers lift up Fair Food…

Following protests in New York City and West Palm Beach, national and local news shine spotlight on Wendy’s refusal to join the Fair Food Program and do its part to support efforts to end sexual violence against women in the fields…Last Sunday afternoon, farmworker women and their families, alongside South Florida allies, kept a fall season of action rolling with a protest at the Wendy’s restaurant nearest to Nelson Peltz’s multi-million dollar Palm Beach mansion. The colorful picket was hard to miss as cars drove down Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, a principal thoroughfare connecting West Palm Beach and the exclusive community of Palm Beach Island.Indeed, […]

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U of Michigan Report: “The Fair Food Program is the most comprehensive social responsibility program in the U.S.”

The Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights’ recommendation to the University of Michigan President: “Become a signatory of the Fair Food Program.”Meanwhile, UMich and Ohio State students team up to Boycott Wendy’s at this season’s rivalry football game!There is big news out of the University of Michigan this season, and it has nothing to do with the Wolverines’ unfortunate fall from grace in the college football rankings this year.  Rather, it has to do with food justice, and a brand new report on the University’s growing commitment to leverage its market power to help bring “about significant changes in the level of […]

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Student/Farmworker Alliance to bring national Encuentro to Wendy’s doorstep in Columbus, OH, January 12-15!

Scores of students, youth to kick off 2018 by converging in Ohio at annual strategy and community building weekend for Wendy’s Boycott…Hurricane Irma left more than felled trees and splintered roofs in her wake.Some may remember that the 2017 Student/Farmworker Alliance Encuentro was originally scheduled for September, for the very same weekend Hurricane Irma crashed into the state of Florida, in fact.  And, in what was an agonizing — but ultimately very well-advised — decision, the SFA postponed its annual gathering and focused instead on hurricane preparation and recovery in Immokalee.But, in the words of the much-beloved Fair Food Nation protest chant — “¡Ni lluvia, ni viento, detendrá el […]

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For Giving Tuesday, give the gift that gives back… Become a Fair Food Sustainer and help end sexual violence in the fields!

What if you were to wake up tomorrow and the headline read: “Sexual harassment eradicated”?A distant dream, we know.  But what if you could actually help end sexual harassment in the fields, starting today? We have good news:  You can.  Today, for Giving Tuesday, stand with farmworker women and sign up to be a Fair Food Sustainer.As we witness an historic moment of cultural reckoning nationwide, we are all painfully aware that women across country — from Hollywood to the hotel industry — face sexual harassment in the workplace.  We also know that for women in the fields, the rates are particularly staggering.  On non-Fair […]

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CIW’s Lupe Gonzalo on Nelson Peltz refusal to meet following massive march in NYC: “This was not as simple as refusing a group of people…”

“… It was an acceptance of the violence and sexual harassment that continues to happen in the fields.”PHOTO REPORT: 250+ march to the New York offices of Wendy’s Board Chair Nelson Peltz to demand an end to sexual violence against women farmworkers!During Manhattan’s packed rush hour on Monday evening, well over two hundred consumer allies from around New York City – and from as far away as Boston and Washington, DC – joined a group of two dozen farmworker women, men, and children from Immokalee to march from a Wendy’s franchise to the Park Avenue offices of Wendy’s Board Chairman, […]

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What if the lion lays down with the lamb… and just tries to eat it?

In the recent merger between Ahold and Delhaize (owner of the Food Lion and Hannaford grocery chains), the jury is still out on whether Ahold’s commitment to the Fair Food Program will pull Delhaize up, or Delhaize’s outdated approach to social responsibility will drag Ahold down…Sometimes when one company merges with another, good things follow.  Greater size and market power provide an increased ability to pursue the principles that underlie the two companies’ brands and, if those principles are harmonious, the potential for doing good while doing well increases proportionally.  But that is not the only possible outcome.  When a company with […]

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TODAY: Stand with farmworker women by calling Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz!

CIW Women to Wendy’s leadership:  “We need Wendy’s to join its peers in order to expand these crucial, life-changing gains to the hundreds of thousands of farmworker women who continue to labor under the oppressive conditions that persist beyond the Fair Food Program’s protections.”This afternoon, dozens of CIW members and their children — accompanied by hundreds of New Yorkers and allies from across the Northeast — will march to the offices of Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz in Manhattan.  As we head now into the holiday season, it has been months since the CIW Women’s Group penned a powerful letter to Mr. Peltz, […]

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Can’t-miss radio: Public Radio International story brilliantly captures Fair Food Program success in fight against sexual harassment in the fields!

Public Radio International: “As the list of powerful men accused of sexual harassment grows, a group of women have managed to stop harassment in the tomato fields of Florida…”PLUS: Huge news out of New York… the New York Episcopal Diocese formally endorses the Wendy’s Boycott!Big news is breaking fast these days in the world of Fair Food, so please bear with us as we bring you not one but two headlines in today’s update…First up, if you’ll recall, just a little over two weeks ago a major editorial in the Sunday New York Times singled out the Fair Food Program (FFP) […]

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PHOTO REPORT: Hundreds of allies and farmworkers march in Miami, Washington DC in support of dignity for women in the fields!

Women farmworkers to Wendy’s, Publix:  “We will never go back to the way it was before, living every day with exploitation — we want all women to have the experience of working with dignity.”This past weekend, the brisk fall weather drew hundreds of farmworkers and allies out onto the sidewalks in both Miami, Florida, and Washington, DC, for two high-spirited protests in support of Fair Food.  Galvanized by the explosive national conversation about the widespread epidemic of sexual harassment in the workplace, the marchers took action to put a stop to sexual violence in U.S. agricultural fields — the very fields where observers […]

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Whole Foods: Fair Food tomatoes and strawberries a “Top Food Trend for 2018”!

Retailer’s annual forecast of “up-and-coming flavors, products, and culinary influences” singles out Fair Food tomatoes and strawberries as perfect way to “Try the Trend” of consumers’ growing demand for transparency in 2018…Every year about this time, Whole Foods releases its predictions of the “Top Food Trends” for the coming year.  It is the retailer’s most anticipated annual press release and is picked up widely in national media, with outlets from Time Magazine to USA Today running stories highlighting Whole Foods’ picks for what figure to be the hottest trends in the food market in the year ahead.  This year, Whole Foods is […]

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Starting today (Friday, 11/10), the Harvest without Violence Campaign hits New York City!

Farmworker women take fight to end sexual violence to the doorstep of Wendy’s Board Chair, Nelson Peltz…CIW Women’s Group to remind Peltz of his fellow CEO’s words of warning (Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook):  “If you know something is happening and you fail to take action, whether you are a man or a woman — especially when you are in power — you are responsible, too.”Starting today, Friday, November 10, and continuing through Nov. 20th, the CIW’s new “Harvest without Violence” mobile exhibit is hitting the Big Apple! After weeks with no response to the CIW Women’s Group’s powerful letter to Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz, farmworkers […]

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BREAKING: National faith leaders announce major Wendy’s Boycott fast and action for January 18, 2018, on the 20th anniversary of farmworkers’ 30-day hunger strike!

Faith leaders: “Clergy of all faiths have the singular privilege in their societal location to raise the moral issue of the human rights abuses faced by farmworkers, to give of their time and resources to the building of a new economy. It is vital, in the spirit of unity and justice, that we respond to that call.”United Church of Christ General Minister and President Rev. John Dorhauer, author and public theologian Brian McLaren (right), and 30+ clergy commit to National Day of Fasting and Witness in January, with more on their way…On January 18, 2018, faith leaders from around the country […]

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