“Schooling Wendy’s” on Fair Food: 20+ cities across raise the volume in campaign against Wendy’s…



“Students across the country will be boycotting Wendy’s and getting our universities to cut ties with Wendy’s until they do the right thing by farmworkers…”

It’s official:  The fall season is here!  And the Fair Food Nation’s students and young people across the country are ready.

Throughout last week’s “Schooling Wendy’s” Week of Action, Wendy’s stores in over 20 cities across the country — from San Diego to Austin to Providence — were visited by scores of consumers with one simple message:  It’s about time for Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program!  

And so, in addition to our report last week on the creative, high-energy protests in Austin and Orlando, we bring you today three more exciting reports from the 20+ actions that took place all over the country!

First up, students from Georgetown University in Washington, DC harnessed the buzz and energy of the start of classes (and therefore the increased foot traffic!) to spread the word about the student boycott of Wendy’s in the heart of the historic campus.   Almost without exception, students who paused to learn about the Fair Food Program — and about Wendy’s stubborn, two-year-long refusal to support the Presidential medal-winning human rights program — eagerly signed up to boycott the fast food giant (check out the full album on Facebook):


Meanwhile, over in Columbus, Ohio — the birthplace not only of Wendy’s, but also of the Boot the Braids Campaign and the student-led national boycott — students at Ohio State University marched from Mirror Lake on campus to the university Wendy’s.  The Columbus Free Press caught wind of the protest, and headed over to campus to cover the event:

Ohio State Students ‘School’ Wendy’s in Fair Labor Practices 101


In the fight for fair labor practices in the U.S. food industry, grass-roots organizing by conscientious consumers has been taking an increasing role. A case in point is Friday afternoon, when a dozen members of the Student/Farmworker Alliance (SFA) gathered at Mirror Lake on the OSU campus and marched to the Wendy’s restaurant in the Wexner Medical Center as part of the “Schooling Wendy’s” national week of action.

“Our march to Wendy’s today is one of over 20 marches, letter deliveries, and demonstrations at campuses across the country — campuses with Wendy’s on campus and near campus — to tell Wendy’s to listen to what students and farmworkers are asking them to do: join the Fair Food Program,” said SFA member Ben Wibking.  “Until then, students across the country will be boycotting Wendy’s and getting our universities to cut ties with Wendy’s until they do the right thing by farmworkers.”

For decades, farm laborers in Florida have harvested tomatoes and other fresh produce for stagnant, sub-poverty wages, under harsh working conditions. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program begins at the top of the food supply chain, with consumers who demand that large food retailers source their produce only from growers who pay fair wages and treat their workers in accordance with national and international human rights standards — including a zero-tolerance policy for slavery and sexual harassment.

“Tens of thousands of Florida farmworkers are experiencing never-before-seen rights as a result of the Fair Food Program,” said Santiago Perez of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. “We seek now to continue to expand those basic human rights protections to the hundreds of thousands of workers beyond the tomato fields and beyond Florida — but Wendy’s participation in the Program is essential to that expansion.”

OSU_Wendys_3Student activists have been engaged in the struggle for farmworker rights since 2005, when they had an essential role in the CIW’s first successful campaign with Taco Bell. “As students and educators go back to school, we in Columbus are more conscious than ever of the many ways Wendy’s has failed to make the grade with regard to farmworker rights: dignified wages and working conditions, the prevention of violence and forced labor, and respect for workers’ voices, to name a few,” said SFA member Amanda Ferguson. “As students, we will not stop our call to Wendy’s until they join the proven solution to farmworker abuses in their supply chain.”

Of the five largest fast food corporations in the United States, only Wendy’s has refused to sign an agreement the CIW to bring fair pay and safe working conditions to farmworkers.

The Wendy’s Week of Action was not confined to university campuses, however!  Up the East Coast, dozens of members of Providence Fair Food headed out to their local Wendy’s for a protest and letter delivery (in spite of the cold!).  Led by students from Brown University and joined by Fuerza Laboral (below), the lively picket ended in a delegation into the store itself, punctuated with chants of “Up! Up! With the Fair Food Nation!” 



And those were just a few of the 20+ actions on Wendy’s doorstep all through last week.  Make sure to stay tuned over at the Student / Farmworker Alliance website in the days to come for more report backs from Lakeland, Gainesville, Miami, and more!

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U.S. State Department 2015 Anti-Slavery Heroes visit Immokalee!

“TIP” Heroes share struggles to combat modern-day slavery across the globe with farmworkers in Immokalee, learn about Fair Food Program and worker-led efforts to defend fundamental human rights…Every year, thousands of engaged, dedicated individuals — people of all faiths, campus leaders, human rights activists, award-winning authors, and journalists — come through the small, dusty town of Immokalee to learn about the CIW and the Fair Food Program, as well as to share their own efforts for justice with CIW members. Two weeks ago, however, we were fortunate enough to host some very special visitors whose contributions to the global human […]

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CBS News Sunday Morning: “How the Fair Food Program is making a difference for struggling migrant farm workers…”

 Following powerful CBS story, viewers take to social media to call out Publix for “unconscionable” refusal to join FFP…Yesterday morning, as they do every week, millions of viewers across the U.S. tuned into CBS News Sunday Morning, but this time they were in for a rare treat on network television: an excellent, in-depth report on the CIW’s Fair Food Program.  Brought to us by correspondent Mark Strassmann and producer Mark Hudspeth, the piece traced the hard-fought transformation of Florida’s fields from the “Harvest of Shame” days in 1960 to what is being called the best working environment in American agriculture in the New York Times today. The CBS Sunday Morning […]

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MUST WATCH VIDEO: CBS Sunday Morning, ​”The Growing Demand for Fair Food”…

 This morning, CBS Sunday Morning aired an excellent, in-depth report on the Fair Food Program — in case you missed it at 9:00 AM, here above is the Fair Food segment in full!Check back tomorrow for more on the news program as well as highlights from the overwhelming positive responses on Facebook, Twitter, email and more… 

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THIS SUNDAY: CBS News Sunday Morning to feature Fair Food Program!

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