Report back: Calls flood into New York offices of Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz…



Consumers to Wendy’s leadership:  “Wendy’s needs to join the ranks of all the other fast food companies that have already joined the Fair Food Program…”

In the final week of January, we called on the Fair Food Nation to flood the office of Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz with phone calls, urging the fast-food giant’s most powerful shareholder to recognize his personal responsibility for Wendy’s immoral stand against “one of the great human rights success stories of our day,” exercise his leadership, and move Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program without further delay.

And, as usual, the Fair Food Nation did not disappoint!  From Canada to California and the Carolinas, consumers picked up their phones on January 27th and called into Mr. Peltz’s Park Avenue office.  Whether they were university students, grandmothers or rabbis, countless callers sent a singular message to Wendy’s leadership:  It is high time to join the Fair Food Program — and you’re not going to stop hearing from us until you do.

The call-in was so successful, in fact, that many callers had to try twice or even three times before they could get through the busy signal.  Here in Immokalee, we ourselves spent the day receiving calls, emails, tweets and texts from Fair Food allies excitedly reporting on their conversations with Mr. Peltz’s representatives.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

Marie: “I called Nelson Peltz today, and based my message on your helpful script. I emphasized that I was repelled by his failure to support human rights for the people who produce what he profits from, and explained that I’m from Canada, which has Wendy’s. I said I wouldn’t take my grandkids to Wendy’s and I’d tell them why –failure of attention to essential human rights. I told his receptionist that my faith community may be interested in potential involvement.  Muchas gracias for giving me the chance to support the brave people of the CIW.”

Alissa:  “Just called in and left a message mainly using the script provided, just basically adding a few sentences about me and why this campaign matters and they won’t stop hearing from me until Wendy’s signs! Can’t wait to see all the actions and the Workers Voice Tour coming up!”

Debbie:  I just now called Nelson Peltz and left a message. Gave my name and town/state, saying there was a Wendy’s just down the street from me, but until and unless it joined the Fair Food Program, I would never be a customer. I also told her I had just retired, and since I now had some extra time, was in the process of letting all of my neighbors know the situation as well to encourage them to go elsewhere. Finally, I said that I felt Wendy’s needed to join the ranks of all the other fast food companies that have already joined the Fair Food Program.

For what it’s worth, the woman who took the message seemed pretty overwhelmed, as if she had been taking an awful lot of messages already. I’d called numerous times, gotten a busy signal, and only just got through.”

Consumers didn’t only let us know, however, that they had called into Mr. Peltz’s office.  Social media lit up with calls to action and reportbacks alike on the big call-in day:

And that’s a wrap… for the call-in, at least!  Don’t forget that starting today — and continuing throughout Valentine’s Day Weekend — allies across the Fair Food Nation will be sending up short videos to Wendy’s on social media.  Make sure to join many other consumers across the country in sharing your own break up message with Wendy’s over the course of the next two days!

Break up with Wendy’s this Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Consumers keep turning up the heat on final fast food holdout ahead of next month’s Workers’ Voice Tour…Last week, we put out a call for Fair Food activists to pick up the phone and give Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz a piece of their minds about the fast-food leader’s refusal to join the groundbreaking Fair Food Program.  That, however, was just the beginning for Wendy’s as the Fair Food Nation ramps up for the cross-country Workers’ Voice Tour from Immokalee to New York, Ohio, and back to Palm Beach.  For this coming weekend, the Student / Farmworker Alliance — which has been calling […]

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Hot off the press!…

The 2015 Fair Food Program Annual Report is here!  Download yours today…It’s that time of year, again, when the Fair Food Standards Council publishes its annual report on the state of the Fair Food Program.  The report is an exceptional source of data and analysis of the unprecedented changes underway — and the many challenges still ahead — in the fields where the Fair Food Program has been in effect since January, 2011.   From the preamble to this year’s report:(The 2015 report) includes an assessment of the Program’s first four years of implementation in the Florida tomato industry as well as […]

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Extra! Extra! 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour website launched… Register to join us today!

Ready to join farmworkers for the major spring action to demand justice from Fair Food holdout Wendy’s?  Find the schedule, registration info, social media and more at the Workers’ Voice Tour website…Just one month ago, we shared the exciting invitation to this year’s major spring action, the 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour:This coming March 2-12, farmworkers and thousands of consumer allies will be mobilizing to bring Wendy’s — the lone holdout among the big five fast-food companies of Yum Brands, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Wendy’s — into the Fair Food Program! Drawing on the long history of CIW Truth Tours that paved […]

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New York Times talks sexual harassment in the fields, letter cites Fair Food Program’s unique success in preventing abuse!

Sanjay Rawal, director of “Food Chains,” in letter to editor of NYT: “The problem is real. But so is the solution — and it deserves mention.”Earlier this month, the New York Times published a hard-hitting op/ed by two longtime California-based farmworker rights activists, Jose Padilla of California Rural Legal Assistance and David Bacon, an independent author and photojournalist.  The piece, entitled “Protect Female Farmworkers,” took an unblinking look at the problem of sexual harassment and assault of female farmworkers in the US agricultural industry, cataloged the obstacles to remedy for women who have suffered sexual violence and sought justice, and suggested a possible […]

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“Human Trafficking: 6 Solutions that Are Working”…

Following a 14-part global series on labor trafficking, Christian Science Monitor picks six “solutions that are working,” and the Fair Food Program tops the list!Last Thanksgiving week, Christian Science Monitor published an in-depth article on the exploitation of farmworkers in the US and the unprecedented progress that has taken place in Florida’s fields thanks to the Fair Food Program.  That article was part of a 14-part series taking a look at the many ways communities and governments are working to stem the growing tide of human trafficking across the globe, including efforts to increase supply chain transparency, labor trafficking lawsuits in […]

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CIW members, Fair Food allies outside the office of Wendy

TOMORROW: Give Wendy’s Board Chairman Nelson Peltz a buzz!

CALL TO ACTION:  National call-in to Wendy’s leadership set for Wednesday, Jan. 27th…Five weeks out from the Workers’ Voice Tour, the Fair Food Nation is already turning up the heat on Wendy’s! The ramp-up is in full swing.  Farmworkers are filling the streets of Immokalee and the CIW community center with theater pieces, colorful posters and radio PSAs.  CIW members and Alliance for Fair Food staff are en route to cities across the country, ready to spend the next month mobilizing for the upcoming tour.  And consumer allies from Florida to Ohio and New York are readying to turn the full force […]

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Wendy’s vs. Wendy’s…

… Or how Wendy’s own code of conduct demonstrates that the hamburger giant really doesn’t care about human rights in its supply chain.Last week, in a post entitled “A Battle for the Soul of Social Responsibility,” we took a long look at Wendy’s new supplier code of conduct and its provisions on labor rights, and we reached this conclusion: “When it comes to human rights, it seems that voluntary compliance is just fine with Wendy’s.”  When you compare Wendy’s vague “expectations” for ethical behavior from its suppliers and equivocal approach to consequences for suppliers who fail to meet those expectations, Wendy’s new […]

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Two-page Fair Food Program ad shines in “Savory”, Ahold’s glossy food quarterly!

Beautiful two-page spread on Fair Food Program reaches 13 million consumers through Ahold’s food magazine, “Savory: Fast, Fresh, and Easy” …As Fair Food activists across the Northeast can testify, Ahold USA launched a market-wide Fair Food label promotional campaign in late 2015, planting a beautiful Fair Food Program poster (like that shown here on the right, in a photo from Teaneck, New Jersey) in hundreds of Giant and Stop & Shop locations from DC to Boston.  And now, as we start the new year, Ahold USA has upped its efforts to spread the word about its partnership with the CIW to ensure human rights in America’s […]

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A Battle for the Soul of Social Responsibility…

Wendy’s new code of conduct is a prime example of the discredited standards-without-enforcement model of corporate social responsibility;Workers’ Voice Tour to contrast Wendy’s code with the proven success of the Fair Food Program and the Worker-driven Social Responsibility model…What would you do if you could cheat on your taxes and know that you would get away with it? Not just think you might get away with it if you’re lucky, but really know that no one is watching and there would be no consequences.  Would you do it?The answer is pretty obvious.  Nobody likes paying taxes.  And even many of those who think taxes […]

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Not in our house! Students call on USF Board of Trustees to reject campus Publix!

CALL TO ACTION: University of South Florida students, community members tell university administration:  “Publix can’t set up shop on our campus until they respect farmworkers’ human rights!”And they want you to help!  Here’s how…Even as students from Florida to New York gear up to join farmworkers for Wendy’s protests as part of the upcoming 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour, students here in Tampa keep cranking up the volume in the Publix campaign!  Just yesterday, the Student / Farmworker Alliance joined with students at the University of South Florida to launch a brand-new call to action demanding that Publix — who is looking to build a […]

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SPRING ACTION ANNOUNCED: Workers’ Voice Tour to turn spotlight on Wendy’s, March 2 – 12!

Workers, consumers to take Fair Food message directly to Wendy’s corporate leadership in New York, Ohio, and Palm Beach;Tour to demand real, Worker-driven Social Responsibility from fast-food holdout, not more unenforced promises of human rights…This coming March 2-12, farmworkers and thousands of consumer allies will be mobilizing to bring Wendy’s — the lone holdout among the big five fast-food companies of Yum Brands, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Wendy’s — into the Fair Food Program! Drawing on the long history of CIW Truth Tours that paved the way for the award-winning Fair Food Program, farmworkers and consumers will join forces for a tour […]

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What a year it was! 2015 Fair Food Year in Review…

After a year packed with such spectacular highlights, 2016 promises to be a pivotal year for the Fair Food movement…It’s that time of year again, when we take a moment to look back on the events of the past year — on the remarkable progress we have all made together in just twelve short months — and to reflect on what new advances, and challenges, the year ahead might hold for the Fair Food movement.2015 was a banner year in the fight for Fair Food, so much so that choosing which stories to highlight was no easy task!  The year wasn’t a week old […]

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Standards without enforcement are nothing more than empty promises to workers, consumers alike…

In social change, as in sports, it’s not what you say you’re going to do that counts, it’s how well you actually do it…Please indulge us, for a moment, in an extended analogy.   Every four years countries around the globe send their best athletes to compete in the summer Olympic games.  And every four years, for two brief weeks the term “degree of difficulty” makes its way back into our collective consciousness, as divers and gymnasts compete to see who can pull off the most challenging routine and take home the gold.  The Collins English Dictionary defines “degree of difficulty” […]

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Modern Farmer article traces history of Fair Food movement…

Modern Farmer magazine: Fair Food Program uses “smart logic” by creating “an incentive to [do the right thing], and a consequence if you don’t…”This month, an excellent article by James Beard Award-winning author Tracie McMillan (“The American Way of Eating”) was published in the well-circulated American quarterly magazine, Modern Farmer.  Titled “Labor Gains,” the article traces the twenty-year arc of the Fair Food movement and the bright future that lies ahead.The piece starts off in the 1990s, when Immokalee was “a kind of wild place,” in the words of CIW member Julia de la Cruz.  McMillan lays out the generations-old conditions that still persisted at that time in the […]

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The Fair Food label is in the produce aisle — and on the air — in stores now!

As fresh Florida tomatoes arrive on the shelves, a beautiful new Fair Food poster hits the aisles — and in-store radio spots air — in Giant, Stop & Shop!The Fair Food Program is ready for its close-up.  Let the mainstream marketing of Fair Food begin!As the Fair Food Program enters its fifth year in the fields, it does so with a solid track record under its belt of eliminating human rights abuses and raising wages for tens of thousands of farmworkers.  The unique power of the program to change farmworkers’ lives is now beyond dispute, and starting this month, that power is on display before […]

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