NEW VIDEO: CNN posts bonus video on CIW’s Modern-day Slavery Museum…

Just last month, the CNN Freedom Project — an award-winning, cutting edge investigative team of journalists who produce remarkable stories on modern-day slavery worldwide, run by CNN International — published three excellent videos on the CIW.  The first was a powerful report on the Fair Food Program and its deep, daily impact on workers’ lives, with a particular focus on its record of ending violence against women in the fields; the second, an essay on the Campaign for Fair Food and the Wendy’s Boycott; and the third, a video on the CIW’s award-winning Anti-Slavery Program.  Then, just over a week ago, the CNN team released a fourth excellent short film on yet another aspect of the CIW’s work: the CIW’s Modern-Day Slavery Museum, a mobile museum that has traveled as far as the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., and that has been toured by national leaders including President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

Make sure to take a moment to watch and share the video above, as well as the CNN Freedom Project’s other videos on the Fair Food movement, in case you missed them in June!

Extra, extra! Student/Farmworker Alliance Encuentro gathering in Immokalee set for September 7-10…

This fall, scores of students, youth to descend on Immokalee for weekend of strategy in Wendy’s Boycott!For more than a decade, the Student/Farmworker Alliance, a nationwide network of hundreds of students and youth, has harnessed the action and energy of young people to provide unwavering dedication to farmworkers’ basic human rights.  And yet, it seems that when it comes to the Wendy’s Boycott, young people are just getting started.  With plans already underway to ramp up the Boot the Braids Campaign on campuses across the country, this fall promises to build on the powerful momentum generated this past spring.There is no moment that more perfectly captures that […]

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REPORT: Faith leaders’ rolling Florida fast hits halfway mark, Interfaith Worker Justice takes Wendy’s Boycott to the streets in Chicago!

30 Faith leaders for 30 days: Rolling fast to demand farm labor justice from Wendy’s!Interfaith Worker Justice to Wendy’s CEO:  “Wendy’s actions unequivocally fail the basic moral code that demands every single one of us work tirelessly for justice for all people on this Earth – and that unquestioningly prioritizes human life over corporate profits.  Communities of faith, workers, and consumers across the country will not allow such actions to go unanswered…”Today, over 30 faith leaders and clergy across the state of Florida – the state with the most Wendy’s restaurants in the country – are crossing the halfway mark of this month’s […]

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Wake Forest Law Review: “Preventing Forced Labor in Corporate Supply Chains: The Fair Food Program and Worker-driven Social Responsibility”

Newly published article provides most comprehensive analysis to date of CIW’s award-winning Fair Food Program and the Worker-driven Social Responsibility paradigm…When the Wake Forest Law Review decided earlier this year to dedicate an entire issue to the problem of human trafficking, they solicited an article from the CIW on the Fair Food Program and its unique success in preventing forced labor in agriculture.  That article, entitled “Preventing Forced Labor in Corporate Supply Chains: The Fair Food Program and Worker-driven Social Responsibility,” was published this month.  As soon as it was, it became the most thorough analysis to date of the FFP’s history, […]

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The Worker-driven Social Responsibility model hits new milestone, continues its expansion in world of business and human rights!

Workers Rights Consortium reports groundbreaking Bangladesh Accord extended to 2021; renewal “product of the recognition, by all of the parties, of the Accord’s effectiveness,” confirmation of power of WSR approach…Meanwhile: Migrant Justice receives the National Education Association’s prestigious Cesar Chavez Civil and Human Rights Award; pressure increases on Ben & Jerry’s to finalize agreement to implement WSR-based Milk with Dignity Program in ice cream icon’s dairy supply chain.As the Fair Food Program consolidates the unprecedented human rights gains secured for tens of thousands of farmworkers on participating farms in Florida and up the East Coast — and plots a course for continued expansion into […]

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U.S. soccer legend Abby Wambach, NY Times best-selling author & activist Glennon Doyle Melton, visit Immokalee to talk Fair Food Program, ending violence against women!

Glennon Doyle Melton: “We will only buy food for our family from companies who respect the humanity of ALL families. This is one way to love our neighbors…”Yesterday, as millions of American families flooded beaches and parks across the nation in celebration of the birth of our country, two particularly well-known Americans chose to spend the 4th of July in Immokalee, immersing themselves in the history of what a Washington Post op/ed called “one of the great human rights success stories of our day,” the Fair Food Program.  Abby Wambach, a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion and […]

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“The Nation We Build Together”: Smithsonian enshrines CIW’s Lady Liberty on permanent display in new exhibit at American History Museum in Washington, DC!

Secretary of the Smithsonian, Dr. David Skorton: “These national treasures inspire, challenge, and celebrate our national history”…Unity Square Project Director, Megan Smith: New exhibit designed to inspire future leaders by highlighting stories of those “who have participated in our democracy and changed America and even changed the world.”It was a remarkable day, even measured against the standard of the CIW’s often dizzying history.On Wednesday, June 28th, far from the dusty streets where Immokalee’s farmworkers launched their struggle for fundamental human rights nearly 25 years ago, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., placed the CIW’s Lady Liberty statue — all twelve feet of […]

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PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Fair Food Program education travels to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina!

Today, we bring you a first-hand glimpse into an essential element of the Fair Food Program:  The on-the-clock, on-the-farm, worker-to-worker education sessions, conducted by CIW members with thousands of farmworkers each season.  This summer, and for the third year running, the CIW’s Fair Food Program education team is spending the month of June following the tomato harvest beyond the borders of Florida into Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.Drawing on decades of collective experience with the unique health and safety hazards, hard labor, and often harsh power dynamics involved in agricultural work, the farmworker education team brings an unparalleled level of expertise and authority […]

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A chilling reminder of farm labor conditions in Mexico: 80 farmworkers go missing after reporting labor abuses in the state of Chihuahua…

Meanwhile, at last month’s annual meeting, Wendy’s execs tell shareholders concerned about labor rights abuses that the company is “perfectly happy with the quality and taste of the tomatoes [we are sourcing] from Mexico.”And OSU administrators reward their corporate neighbor’s callous indifference…Late last month, news broke of the disappearance of 80 indigenous Mexican farmworkers who vanished from a farm near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, after they reported illegal wage deductions for food and housing that cut in half their already desperately low wages.  When the authorities arrived to the farm to investigate the complaint, all 80 workers had disappeared, along with the unidentified recruiter who […]

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BREAKING: Faith leaders announce month-long rolling fast to “prayerfully enjoin Wendy’s to stand with farmworkers in creating dignity in the fields”!

Faith leaders: “The faith community intends to work tirelessly with our ecumenical and interfaith partners to ensure that [the Wendy’s] boycott will be effective…”Just this morning, the Alliance for Fair Food announced a breaking development from the burgeoning Wendy’s Boycott:  Building on the spring’s historic fasts by student leaders across the country in support of the Boycott, the faith community of Florida will be taking up the mantle and launching their own rolling fast in just under two weeks from today.Here is the announcement, in full, from the powerful branch of faith leaders in the Fair Food Nation:Hungry for Farmworker Justice: Florida […]

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Shareholder lawsuit against Wendy’s heating up!…

Attorney for shareholder: “This is so irrational, so extreme.  They should not be allowed to profit from slavery.”In a potentially significant new development, a lawsuit filed by a Wendy’s shareholder in October had a hearing in federal court late last month on Wendy’s motion to dismiss, and the arguments went to the very heart of the growing boycott against the fast-food giant.An article from May 30 in Law360 reported on the proceedings, explaining that the lawsuit was filed last fall because, according to the complaint:As a direct result of Wendy’s failure to join the FFP, the company’s goodwill and reputation […]

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CNN on FFP, Part III: “When we get calls from outside the Fair Food Program, it is heartbreaking”…

CNN Freedom Project: “There are roughly 30,000 people currently working on Fair Food Program farms and receiving all the protections and benefits outlined in the agreements.  But, there’s still a long way to go to bringing the rest of the country onboard.”Today we bring you the third and final installment of the extraordinary CNN report on the Fair Food Program, “How America’s ‘ground-zero’ for modern slavery was cleaned up by workers’ group.”  This third video focuses on the history of the CIW’s anti-slavery efforts, and on the development and expansion of the Fair Food Program as the principal means for eliminating […]

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CNN on FFP, Part II: “Have you ever wondered how your tomatoes get to the grocery store?”

CIW’s Lupe Gonzalo on Wendy’s Boycott: “Sooner or later, Wendy’s will come to the table and sign a Fair Food agreement, and then we will be on the same side, all fighting for justice together.”Today we bring you the second installment in CNN’s remarkable three-part video report on the Fair Food Program.  Click on the video above to watch Part II, or check it out on CNN’s website (scroll down to the video entitled “Slavery in the food supply chain”).In Part I, we saw how the Fair Food Program is changing workers’ lives in the fields every day, focusing on […]

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CNN on Fair Food Program: “How America’s ‘ground-zero’ for modern slavery was cleaned up by workers’ group…”

Alejandrina Carrera, worker on FFP farm: “You’re not going to be harassed, you’re not going to be insulted, you’re not going to be forced to work. There’s more respect now.”In an exceptional video series, CNN Freedom Project lifts up FFP as “most comprehensive social responsibility program in U.S. agriculture”…This week, the award-winning team at the CNN Freedom Project — a new series designed to “amplify the voices of the victims of modern-day slavery, highlight success stories and help unravel the tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life” — turned its spotlight on the CIW and the Fair Food Program, and the result is nothing short […]

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A Profile in Cowardice…

President Drake, OSU Administration take a stand against students, faculty, faith leaders, international labor rights experts and farmworkers to renew Wendy’s contract for three more years;Administration waits until school year over, students safely at home, to announce decision;Students call for Fair Food Nation to join national call-in action to President Drake’s office today!Last Thursday, Amanda Ferguson, an OSU grad student and one of the student fasters this past March, received the following email from Jay Kassey, Senior Vice President for Administration and Planning at OSU: Dear Amanda,Ohio State worked with Wendy’s actively for two years as it developed a new Code of […]

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Part One: The Fair Food Nation makes the case for real human rights at Wendy’s annual shareholder meeting!

Remarkable drama unfolds both inside and outside of Wendy’s normally staid annual gathering as farmworker, student, faith, and community representatives of the Fair Food Nation take a stand for real human rights protections in fast-food giant’s produce supply chain!Today we bring you Part One of our two-part report from an extraordinary day of action at Wendy’s annual shareholder meeting this past Tuesday at the company’s corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.  In Part One, we will relate the events of the day — from the wide-ranging debate inside the meeting to the spirited protest outside — with a first-hand report from the Alliance for […]

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