Check out the route! 2017 Return to Human Rights Tour only two months away…



2,000-mile route of major spring action charts path from Immokalee through the heart of Wendy’s territory in the midwest… 

It’s official!  The countdown from eight weeks until the Return to Human Rights Tour has begun.  As we announced back in December, CIW members and their allies will embark on the longest protest action in a decade, from March 16th to 29th, joining forces with thousands of consumers in mobilizing for the national Wendy’s Boycott.  With fresh ánimo in a new year, CIW will join allies in visiting longstanding Fair Food hubs — including Wendy’s own hometown, Columbus, Ohio — and in bringing the Wendy’s Boycott to corners of the country where no CIW tour has gone before.


Today, we bring you the finalized route of the the 14-day trek, so pull out your calendars!

Thursday, March 16Gainesville, FL

Friday, March 17Atlanta, GA

Saturday, March 18Nashville, TN

Sunday, March 19St. Louis, MO

Monday, March 20Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday, March 21Madison, WI

Wednesday, March 22Chicago, IL

Thursday, March 23Louisville, KY

Friday, March 24Columbus, OH

Saturday, March 25Columbus, OH

Sunday, March 26 – Columbus, OH (Major action in Columbus… stay tuned!)

Monday, March 27Chapel Hill, NC

Tuesday, March 28Charleston, SC

Wednesday, March 29Tampa, FL

The Return to Human Rights Tour will sound the call for Wendy’s to join the CIW’s award-winning Fair Food Program, but it won’t stop there.  The Tour is also envisioned as part of a broader call for a nationwide mobilization to protect the fundamental human rights of all vulnerable people in today’s increasingly uncertain and daunting national climate.  

Between strategizing with other immigrant, labor, and social justice organizations, and visiting sobering landmarks in today’s political reality — including Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, where nine parishioners were murdered in the name of white supremacy — CIW members will spend the Return to Human Rights Tour strengthening relationships, reflecting on the challenges ahead, and taking action to further the national struggle to preserve our hard-earned human rights.  

Hundreds upon hundreds of Fair Food supporters joining the Workers' Voice Tour in a march through Columbus Ohio

Hundreds upon hundreds of Fair Food supporters joining the Workers’ Voice Tour in a march through Columbus Ohio

We hope you will join us where you can along the tour!  If you have questions or want to know how you can plug into the national tour in March, write us at organize (at)!

And, if you just can’t wait for the Return to Human Rights Tour to fight for Fair Food — make sure to join the #FairFoodNation in taking action for Valentine’s Day by sending a Valentine to Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor… check out the details over at the Alliance for Fair Food website!


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter…”

Today, women, men and children across the country’s 50 states are marching to celebrate the life, the promise, and the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  As we begin this new year, it feels with each day that passes that we as a country are approaching a dangerous crossroads.  Down one road, a deeply uncertain future awaits us, a future in which longstanding norms and principles are lost, and rights and progress are threatened.  Nothing better captures that looming possibility than the astoundingly obtuse and shamefully crass disparagement of one of this country’s few true, living heroes, Congressman John Lewis, on the eve of the very […]

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ANALYSIS: Lofty goals… or empty promises?

First draft of new industry-led initiative charts uncertain course toward “responsible labor practices” in US produce sector…Brief: There’s nothing like the “power of the purchasing order” for turning standards on paper into reality on the ground when violations of a code of conduct occur, and there’s nothing resembling that sort of market consequence with real teeth — yet — built into the produce industry’s recently released “Ethical Charter.”  Genuine, informed worker participation and real enforcement mechanisms will be imperative going forward if this new initiative is to have any hope of success in bringing meaningful human rights protections to the US and Mexican […]

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From the “Things that Make You Go Hmmm” Department…

Wendy’s caught up in bizarre anti-semitic meme scandal… T’ruah (The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights) calls on burger giant to publicly “reject designation as official burger of Neo Nazis”… An exceedingly strange bit of news came across the Campaign for Fair Food’s radar screen last week when word of Wendy’s use of a well-known racist hate symbol (known as “Pepe the Frog” and associated with the newly-ascendant white supremacist movement known as the alt-right) hit the headlines.  The story ran in newspapers and television reports across the country, and caused a firestorm on social media.  Here, for example, is a […]

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UN expert: FFP “must be considered an international benchmark” in fight against modern-day slavery!

United Nations Human Trafficking expert lifts up CIW’s Fair Food Program following fact-finding tour of US anti-slavery efforts…Nothing like starting off the new year on a positive note!In her official End of Visit Statement issued late last month, the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur in Trafficking in Persons, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, made special mention of the CIW’s Fair Food Program for its exemplary results in the prevention of modern-day slavery.  Here is an excerpt from her statement, issued through the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights:Washington DC, 19 December 2016 – I am grateful to the Government of the United States of America […]

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“Plant righteousness for yourselves, harvest the fruits of goodness.” (10:12)…

“Tomato Rabbi” Rachel Kahn-Troster of T’ruah pens a powerful Chanukah reflection on the Fair Food Program… Writing on the first night of Chanukah, Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster (Director of Programs of the CIW’s long-time ally T’ruah: Rabbinic Call for Human Rights) took to the pages of the Interfaith Worker Justice website to draw a poignant parallel between the radical transformation of farm labor conditions under the Fair Food Program and the story of Chanukah, calling both exemplars of “strategic resistance and a belief in the strength of fundamental values.”Her reflection, spurred by a recent visit to a worker-to-worker education session on a Fair Food Program […]

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VIDEO: Wendy’s slammed with dozens of “Boycott the Fast Food Grinch” videos for the holidays!

“You’re a scoundrel, #FastFoodGrinch…”Earlier this month, the Student/Farmworker Alliance network put out a special call to action in the Wendy’s Boycott asking students and young people to send in videos declaring Wendy’s the official Fast Food Grinch of 2016!  Of course, the Fair Food Nation took up the holiday challenge, with scores of videos pouring in from Idaho and Wisconsin to New York and Florida — even from Guatemala! — affirming their commitment to boycott Wendy’s until the Fast Food Grinch grows a full-sized heart and joins farmworkers at the table.  We were absolutely blown away by the remarkable creativity and talent reflected […]

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PHOTO ALBUM: As tomato season ramps up, community organizing in Immokalee in full swing!

Holiday parade, 13th Anniversary of Radio Conciencia light up Immokalee…Today, we bring you an update from the very heart of the CIW’s work: building consciousness, commitment, and animo in the Florida farmworker community.As the Wendy’s Boycott heats up across the country in advance of next year’s Return to Human Rights Tour, and the Fair Food Program enters its sixth season ensuring farmworkers’ fundamental human rights in fields across the state, here in Immokalee — the epicenter of the Fair Food movement — the community organizing that launched it all is hitting its midseason stride!  From our weekly membership meetings, women’s group and Central Committee gatherings, to […]

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Faith leaders, communities across U.S. celebrate Human Rights Day 2016 by demanding Wendy’s respect human rights!

“This movement is growing, so I urge you to respect the fundamental human rights of farmworkers in your supply chain by bringing Wendy’s into the Fair Food Program!” Each year, on December 10th, countries and communities around the world come together to reflect on the state of human rights for the internationally-recognized Human Rights Day.  Here is this year’s statement from the United Nations itself, a rousing call to action befitting the tumultuous year of 2016: Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day on which, in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of […]

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This holiday season, give the gift of human rights!

Give a sustaining donation to the Fair Food movement in the name of a friend or family member this holiday season…Does someone you love, love human rights?In the few short months since the launch of the Fair Food Sustainer Program, it has been nothing short of inspiring to witness the flood of support from longtime allies and newcomers alike coming together to provide a steady stream of grassroots funding to sustain the Fair Food Nation.  Let’s keep the momentum rolling!  We need your help to build the ranks of Fair Food Sustainers:  This holiday season, give the gift of human rights to a friend or family […]

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ACTION ALERT: Post a video for “Wendy’s the Grinch” action TODAY!

TODAY:  Student/Farmworker Alliance names Wendy’s “Fast Food Grinch” of 2016!  Post YOUR video to Wendy’s on social media…Today, kick off the holiday season by joining the Fair Food Nation for a special social media action in the Wendy’s Boycott!This year, students and young people have a special twist for their online call to action in the Campaign for Fair Food:  Changing the heart of a penny-pinching, mean-spirited scoundrel who is determined to extinguish the hope of a vibrant and hard-working community.But why, you might ask?  In the words of the great Dr. Seuss:Now, please don’t ask why.  No one quite knows the reason. It could be his head wasn’t […]

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SAVE THE DATE! Return to Human Rights Tour announced for March 16 – 29, 2017…

Wendy’s Boycott to take national stage from March 16-29, 2017, with whirlwind tour across Midwest, Southeast…Pull out your calendars, Fair Food Nation, it’s time for Wendy’s — and the nation — to return to human rights!  Today, we are announcing the dates of the CIW’s big spring action, the annual event that has become the hallmark of the Campaign for Fair Food for nearly two decades, from the first Taco Bell Truth Tour in 2001 to next spring’s Return to Human Rights Tour.  From March 16th to 29th, 2017, CIW members and their allies will embark on the longest protest action in the last 10 years of the Campaign for Fair Food, joining […]

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This Giving Tuesday, give the gift of human rights — become a Fair Food Sustainer!

“The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has proven that when you get up every day to fight for what is right, when you don’t give up even when all the odds are against you, when you don’t compromise on basic principles of fairness, and when you build a strong grassroots movement, economic justice will prevail over greed, and the least fortunate can successfully stand up to the powerful.” — U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, 2008Click here to learn how you can become a Fair Food Sustainer today.In the fall of 2008, Sen. Bernie Sanders visited Immokalee on a fact-finding tour.  He came to investigate the human rights crisis in […]

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PHOTO REPORT: Mississippians bring the Wendy’s Boycott to the Deep South!

Food justice, farmworker rights, and Wendy’s Boycott make waves in the Magnolia State!After nearly two decades, and thousands upon thousands of protests from Maine to California, there are very few corners of this great land of ours that the Campaign for Fair Food has yet to reach.   But today, we are pleased to bring you news of a new milestone in the Fair Food movement —  a photo report from the campaign’s first-ever splash in Jackson, Mississippi!Last week, a delegation from Immokalee traveled to Jackson to take part in the Mississippi Food Summit and Agricultural Revival, hosted by the Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network.The Summit featured the voices […]

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National religious leaders visit CIW, fields, learn first-hand about the Fair Food Program!

Leaders of Presbyterian Church (USA), T’ruah bear witness to transformative changes underway in FL agricultural industry thanks to the Fair Food movement, commit to spread Wendy’s Boycott nationally…Over the past six weeks, we’ve brought you reports from the Fair Food odyssey that was the Behind the Braids Tour, documenting the multiple voyages of crews of farmworkers and allies from Immokalee as they carried the call for farm labor justice to diverse corners of this country – from the great cities of Chicago, Atlanta and New York, to the small rural towns of Appalachian Maryland and Pennsylvania. But while the Tour crews were away leading the charge […]

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The Grand Finale! Wendy’s protests from Miami to Chicago highlight final Behind the Braids tour, Weekend of Action…

Hundreds of farmworkers and Fair Food allies, new and old, let Wendy’s know nothing will deter the Fair Food Nation as the Wendy’s Boycott heads into the new season in high gear!Even as the country continues to adjust to the new political landscape — with each new headline from Washington more shocking than the last — the Fair Food Nation remains steadfast in its commitment to farm labor justice.   With one eye on the unfolding national picture and the other on the Fair Food prize, thousands of consumers across the country and farmworkers in Florida forged ahead this week with one powerful message:  All human beings […]

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